Around the web: New Fallout 3 contest


Here’s a few notable Fallout 3 mentions I thought you’d like to check out.

First, there’s a contest at Planet Fallout that you’ll want to enter. Entering their “End of World Sweeps” gives you a chance to win a plasma TV, an Area-51: Quad Core Flagship from Alienware, an Xbox 360, as well as some Fallout 3-related schwag. To enter, you must be at least 18 years of age and a US resident. You can read the rest of the contest rules here before entering.

Also at Planet Fallout, Blinzler continues his primer for Fallout 3 with new features on characters, places, and groups found within the game.

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There’s a couple of new lists discussing the this year’s Fall lineup that include Fallout 3. PC World includes the game as one of The 15 Coolest Games of Fall 2008. Meanwhile, TGR includes Fallout 3 as one of the ten reasons the Xbox 360 will “own” this season.

Elsewhere, GamingExcellence has a final look at the game prior to its release. Here’s a snippet:

“During my wanderings, I still managed to stumble across a few NPC’s. One lady was sunning herself by the radiated river, while a boy I ran into a bit earlier asked me to save his father from mutant ants. There were usually three to five dialogue options, with some occasionally being tied to a skill or attribute. The higher the skill in question, the better the chance of a desirable outcome. On this occasion, I could calm the frightened boy using my speech skill, or otherwise employ my strength skill to convince the lad that he came to the right vault dweller.”

Last but not least, this morning I listened to the most recent 1Up Yours podcast, in which Phiip Kollar begins to discuss his experience playing Fallout 3. You fast forward about 42 minutes into the podcast to hear his impressions. The podcast can be found here or at iTunes.

We’re just over a week away from the release of Fallout 3. As more information comes out, we’ll keep you updated.

Reader Comments

  1. Unfortunately for Europeans, Australians and Asians. Fallout 3 is made by an American developer, thus making it easier to do all the sweepstakes where their based. And IGN I think is doing the sweepstakes, they’re also based in the US but have UK and AUS branches. Thankfully I myself haven’t missed out. But I would agree that a fan is a fan, all fans should be able to win something whether it be swag or a signed copy or see the really cool ads. Hopefully in the coming years fans around the world will be able to share a similar experience.

  2. nothing for canada either and we are just acroos from them

    come on we don’t even have fences at our borders can’t they release something for us…