Got £5,000,000 to Spare for a Vault?


Our very own Fred Zeleny pointed me to an interesting blog post regarding an underground Vault that is up for sale in Central London. For a meager £5,000,000, this is your ticket for escaping reality to spend countless hours playing Fallout 3.


Here’s some details on the place:

“The Kingsway Tunnels, located 200 feet below street level and owned by British telecom provider BT, went up for sale yesterday. In the last few decades, the tunnels’ primary use has been for communications, having served as the telephone exchange for the hotline between the US and Soviet presidents. But the original purpose of the shelter was to withstand a foreign attack, and, at the end of the world, the accommodations should prove cozy for you and 8,000 of your closest friends.”

Any takers???

Reader Comments

  1. Please, only 200 feet? we all know the stuff dropping in 2077 is going to eat that up.

    well…the stuff from the western hemesphiere. Hence Fallout 3 being in DC instead of London. :]

  2. first id like to know how the overseer is like… and also if this particular vualt is uh well designed to have some minor problems like vualt 87?