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Here’s a load of new coverage for you to read up on before the release of Fallout 3 (T-minus 4 days!!!).

Russ Frushtick from UGO put up a new blog post covering the delivery of a Brotherhood of Steel statue arriving at their office. Having helped pack/unpack one of these, I can tell you, it’s quite the production.

New interviews with Emil can be found at both Gaming Nexus and GameSpy. Here’s a snippet of the latter, entitled The Art of Writing:

GameSpy: How much effort went into creating the main storyline versus encounters and characters found off the beaten path?

Emil Pagliarulo: I’d say it was a pretty equal division. I laid out the miscellaneous quests and the main quest at pretty much the same time. You know, we wanted to get everything on the table as soon as possible, for scheduling and practicality purposes as well as any creative reasons. But that was just the baseline. The other designers certainly fleshed out all that stuff throughout development, and things like the random encounter system came later, and really complimented the gameplay we already had.

Moving along, there’s a new interview with Todd at Paste magazine. Head here to read it.

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RPG Vault interviewed Fallout 3 Composer Inon Zur regarding his work for the game. Here’s a sample:

What were the major considerations that factored into your being selected to create the score for Fallout 3?

Inon Zur:I think it was the combination of music styles that I have created, especially the ambient music, which is almost like sound design, but is also mixed with orchestral elements. They thought it would really capture the attention of the fans because they were looking to give the score a different angle from the music that was in the previous Fallout games. And this is why they went for my style – because I could give them the ambience and the weird decadence plus an almost low-fi sound, but also bring up some more dramatic, orchestral elements with it when needed.

GameBanshee has 10 questions with Lead Producer Gavin Carter. Additionally, interviews with Pete can be found at Talk Xbox (podcast), 3D Zone, MeriStation (community interview), GameStart, and EveryEye

Last but not least, Gamespot has a new launch center for Fallout 3.

Reader Comments

  1. “TH: You know, what’s funny is that by the time everyone plays the game—you know, we finish it and then it takes a long time to make copies and ship it and get on the shelves—we probably haven’t worked on it for a month, two months. So, we’ve already taken our break and then we’re on to the next thing.”

    Oh, good. I look forward to another 2 or 3 patches before Fallout 3 is abandoned and still left with tons of unfixed issues.

  2. “Oh, good. I look forward to another 2 or 3 patches before Fallout 3 is abandoned and still left with tons of unfixed issues.”

    Don’t worry Anonymous, If they release a construction set, the community will patch the game, like we always do. No worries (for PC gamers at least). If not… well yeah, we probably would be screwed.

  3. Oh, don’t worry, I know. =)

    Of course, with Pete Hines and his unsurprising refusal to actually answer a question…still no details on the CS besides vague dodges.