Burning the midnight oil…

best buy 005.jpg

We put out a press release today letting everyone know about several launch events we’re having at Best Buy stores across the country. Check it out to find a location near you.

Additionally, Gamestop is having midnight launches at 1600 of their stores. These locations will begin their events at 10 p.m. (local time). If you want to know if a store in your area is having a midnight launch, contact your local store for details.

So where will we be at the strike of midnight? If you’re able to make it to the Rockville Pike Best Buy (1200 Rockville Pike), we’ll be having a special event at the store. After purchasing the game, you’ll be able to get your copy signed by Todd Howard, Emil Pagliarulo, Istvan Pely, Gavin Carter, or any of the other devs that might be out there. Additionally, we’ll have the Fallout Airstream on display. The festivities start at 10 p.m. Monday night. Hope you can make it out.

Reader Comments

  1. Ohhh man is that statue at the best buy in Rockville? I hope so cause if it is i’m making a metro trip up there to check it out (specially since i cant make it to the big fancy midnight launch you guys will be having there).

  2. Damn, I pre-ordered at the College Park (Prince George’s Center) Gamestop. Otherwise, I’d drop in and visit you lovely folks at the Rockville best Buy that evening. 10pm is very, very early for me. I don’t usually get to bed before 2 here.

  3. @nekulor: you know, a Pre-order isn’t a binding contract or anything. If you show up and tell them you changed your mind, I’m pretty sure they’re required by law to give you back your money — if nothing else, you could show up, “buy” the game, then return it unopened for a refund. I mean, come on — a signed copy of FO3? I’m going to be there with bells on!

  4. Its been a long time since ive been looking forward to a game this way… counting down the days. Too bad i dont live in US, wouldve come down there to get my copy signed for sure.

  5. I got a call the other day from GameStop about their midnight launch event. I’ve got to wonder though what is going to be going on for the whole 2 hours. Looks like I’m not going to be getting much sleep tonight.

  6. Well I live in Canada

    and i think we have an event to…….
    :'( i got to get through school before getting my copy
    if’s there is any left….

  7. So, erm, is there any online event launching the game as well, or do all of we who dont live in the us or even near one of those stores have to imagine how its goint to be?

  8. Why is there no fallout 3 for the PC in any of the stores in my area? i was at the store at midnight and called all i could no one had them.