Download Fallout 3 on Steam, Direct2Drive, Gamestop and Best Buy


We heart the Internet. That’s why we’re making Fallout 3’s PC version available for download from several popular online digital distribution services including Steam, Direct2Drive, and The English version of Fallout 3 will go live at these sites sometime tomorrow afternoon. The European languages – French, German, Italian, and Spanish – will go live at a later date. We’ll do a post when we know.

Reader Comments

  1. Thanks so much for the hard work guys and girls. Your efforts to allow me to punch peoples heads off will not be in vain!

    Also, I noticed something new on the forums today.

    A series of Subforums under Hardware Issues: PC Issues, Xbox 360 Issues, PlayStation 3 Issues

    That’s a great step to help us out. I’d love to see something like this done for the mod forums (for Oblivion at least) in terms of: Mod Release Threads, Mods In Progress, Modding General.

    That way fans of mods and modders themselves can be more easily informed on what they’re looking for, than we are now.

  2. Yeah, you heart the internet so much you chose not to make downloadable content available on the PS3 and couldn’t even manage trophies. Paid the same price as a PC though!

    Next time, don’t pee on your customers by releasing a poor quality platform release. If you can’t do it right, don’t do it.

  3. I already pre purchase the Steam version and I’m realy excited about the game…but I worry about taht bonus content won’t be available for me and even additional game expansions.

  4. Thanks!

    However, it would be really nice if you’d add Steam achievements – but I understand if it’s not feasible. But thanks anyway. I’m looking forward to this evening… and the next 2 months or so.

    Much love,

    Steam’d owner.

  5. I am a D2D owner and besides the bug with not being able to log into Games for Windows this game has run like a champ. I am very impressed and happy, and now I’m a fan of digital distribution!

    The download went fast on D2D considering my connection has a cap of around 600k, and before too long I was installing and playing.

    I cannot say enough good things about this game, and if buying online means I don’t have to put up with a disc check when all the data’s on the hard drive, I will continue to buy digital purchases.

    Thanks Bethesda!

  6. Very nice… If I ignore the fact that after downloading and installing steam I find out that I am not allowed to buy the game.

    Are there any other countries besides Sweden you have decided not to sell the game to?

  7. If you really love the internet, I suggest you make the game available on GamersGate. I’d prefer a digital download, however I’d like a version without any DRM or restrictions so that I can be certain that I can backup it and install it however I want after the initial download, and remain non-dependant on companies such as Valve to “verify” anything.

    I already bought my copy as a physical copy due to this, but I’d buy it again if you made it available on GamersGate stripped of DRM.

  8. “Is the game available in un-Americanised English?”

    Considering the fact that Bethesda Softworks is an American company, and that Fallout 3 is set in America, it wouldn’t make a great deal of sense for the characters to offer the player tea and crumpets, would it?