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  1. I’m floored at the game so far, picked it up last night at a midnight release (they wouldn’t sell me the Brotherhood statue at the Gamestop though :(), it’s so polished and deep so far.

    And Liam Neeson.

  2. alway nice to have fans isn’t it? Hehe.

    Nah viper of you think those games are the only ones you are seriously gonna miss out on some quality gaming (not that the games you mention are bad)

  3. You know, a mix between TES and Deus Ex would result in the PERFECT game.

    Just imagine a futurisic dystopian cyberpunk universe filled with various conspiracies and shady corporations like the original Deus Ex, but with an open game world with various “guilds” like TES.

  4. Well Pavel, Fallout 3 was criticize all the time by being consolise or dumb down and finally it is a great game. the platform isn’t doing the game, it is the dev team who is doing a great game, and that too many hardcore fans are forgetting

  5. Awesome to find such good people looking out for one another rather than nipping at each other’s heels. May Deus Ex 3 avoid the pure consolized route as well – and put substance over sizzle.

  6. Why are you people from Bethesda doing such outrageous things. I have Xboxa PC and PS3 and do not understand why do that poorer versions on Ps3! And do not say to people the truth that is not the same as the Xbox or PC!

    Would you like to see the pictures?!

    Przybliżcie and see the enormous differences

    for example, cut the birds from the PS3 version inferior texture and everything is worse. Do not know how to speak the truth. Only a few words (ALL FOR CASH AND THE FAST Former issue!)

    PS. For what do that does not buy this game probably 10% of people in the world.

    My assessment of the game 3 / 10

    And I am a fan of the game. Another Oblivion ..

    If this does not date to the comments to mean that rather than betray the people running the truth! Although once you have made and are made equal to the PC versions of the Xbox 360 and PS3

  7. I work for Eidos Montreal and I can tell you most of us bought your game right when it came out.

    I’m glad the DX3 team tought about this and I wish you guys the best.


    You might want to get someone who’s able to read Dutch. The news post itself is not that important. The comments underneath are more important.

    One guy said and I quote “if a game wouldn’t have protection it would’ve been downloaded just as much” while some other guy reacted to that. “yes but then the people who buy it legally wouldn’t get screwed, but I do agree with everything else”.

  9. Congratulations on shipping guys, game turned out loads better than I expected 🙂

    Nice cake, good thing they didn’t give you a “Kane and Lynch” cake.

  10. All I can say is, YAY!!! And About time :o)
    Got the collectors edition one today with the lunchbox a day before UK release.
    Nice work lads… now the installs finished i’ll never be seen again.

  11. That’s awesome. 😀 Cool to see people in the gaming industry supporting and encouraging each other with sweet, sugary goodness. You guys did a great job, hell I sure couldn’t make something as cool as this game.

  12. Ooo Bethesda gets their cake and eats it too! Such are the rewards of the dreamweaver completists 🙂

    Pretty cool cake and FALLOUT 3 definitely has some intense one on one virtually tactile contact with its reality just as the magnificent DEUS EX series has.

    Now am curious about DEUS EX 3. Ha ha am such a fish for the worm on the hook 😀

    Really enjoying FALLOUT 3. Not a crash to desktop yet. Love the cult movie drenched tributes oozing all over the world. Just like previous Bethesda titles it captures everything about a certain fantasy period but this time instead of being Elric Melnibone or Conan The Barbarian you can be Mad Max or Caleb (from Monoliths 3dgore shooter Blood) etc etc etc.

    Kind of like going from Gary Gygex’s Dungeons And Dragons to Steve Jackson’s Gurps as the player molds what is before them into their own fantasy or fancy lunacy.