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Fallout 3 is now in stores worldwide, and in less than a week, there’s tons of reviews to read up on. Head here to check them out.

Before you start reading, you can also watch Xplay’s video review. They’ve also got a video showcasing the Collector’s Edition and Game Guide.

Moving along, GameSpy’s editorial staff has plenty of new Fallout 3-related articles to read. For those playing on 360, Will Tuttle has put together an achievement guide. Additionally, they’ve got five new editorials. Below is a snippet from Sterling McGarvey’s piece, Doing It All Wrong (And Loving) It: An Outsider’s View of Fallout 3:

“It’s actually a bit liberating to experience Fallout 3 without being caught up in the RPG conventions. The first one that I threw out the window against everyone’s advice was to specialize in specific areas. Deep down, I know I’m only padding the clock, since it’ll take a long time to get really good at anything instead of being great at a few things. Oh, and if there’s a level cap, then I’ve effectively shot myself in the foot.”

Moving along, you can check out a new interview with Todd on The Escapist Show. Over at, there’s an A to Z Guide to Fallout 3 worth reading. After reading Luke Plunkett’s blog at Kotaku, Saluting Fallout 3’s Beards, I wonder if that what “B” should have stood for beards.

Last but not least, head over to either GamerDNA and to enter their contests to win Fallout 3 schwag!

Reader Comments

  1. Are there plans to add trophies to the PS3 version with an update? As the Xbox version has it’s achievements, there are many PS3 fans wondering why trophies were simply left out.

  2. Bethesda, I am very disappointing in your company for for not adequately supplying Nuka Cola as a consumable product to the American masses.

    After countless hours spent playing Fallout 3, I find my thirst can never be adequately quenched. Toilet water just wont due, where can I get my own ice-cold Nuka Cola?

  3. i salute you for the beards

    you know what would be really cool, if the beards/stubble actually grew over time in the game. and there’s a random chance that a sharpshooter could shoot off your goatee (assuming it’s a 12inch braided goatee like the staticX guy)

  4. My game time counter reads 30 hours and I have no idea where the time went. I still feel like I’m barely scraping the surface. But in this time, I have…

    – Found a home for an orphan
    – Killed people because I liked their clothes
    – Trained besieged villagers to shoot
    – Put an end to science gone wrong
    – Felt heart pangs at the mention of my story on the radio
    – Searched bags of dismembered body parts for loose change and ammo
    – Visited the Underworld
    – Climbed the Washington Monument
    – Stole Lincoln’s Repeater
    – Groaned the second time I heard my story on the radio
    – Turned down a peaceful solution in favor of a bloodbath
    – Become numb to looking at decapitations
    – Got a haircut
    – Joined the Underground Railroad
    – Tried to buy a slave, but didn’t have the caps
    – Been relieved to finally see daylight, and then relieved to get back underground, in the space of 5 minutes

    Hope the team is enjoying a well-deserved rest. When you get back, how about that tool set, hmm?

  5. [- Been relieved to finally see daylight, and then relieved to get back underground, in the space of 5 minutes

    Hope the team is enjoying a well-deserved rest. When you get back, how about that tool set, hmm?

    Left by Adam on November 3rd, 2008 ]

    Its the nights that creep me out especially at Grey Ditch. And those Mole Rats! My goodness they must have frightened me in shocking terror at least twenty times in my last play session the way they just leap out of nowhere. Even when i hear them scurrying about in the distance it just heightens the tension. They’re like mutant rats out of some 1970s horror movie.

    VATS is amazing with all its game mechanics and the theatrical like view of seeing ones character in action. Now i can enjoy my characters wardrobe fully in combat not to mention the grisly action in BETHESDA VISION! VISION! VISION!..echo..echo..echo… 😀

  6. In all honesty, I have bought and played all of the fallout series up until now. Bought this game, and it doesn’t work, there are so many bugs that it will take much manual labor to patch all the glitches, many more hours to update already up to date drivers, causing much more headache, before you even get to play it(I still haven’t played mine). DO NOT GET THIS GAME!!! TOO MANY BUGS!!!