Around the Web: Trophies, reviews, interviews, and a Golden Joystick


Here’s some Fallout 3 related news from around the web that I thought you’d like to know about.

Pete answered Fallout 3-related questions today on EuroGamer. Included in the Q&A, Pete let PS3 gamers know that trophy support for the game will be implemented into the game (we’ll give you more details on this when we can). Head here to read the rest of the chat.

Last week at the Golden Joystick Awards, Fallout 3 won the Edge Most Wanted award.

Mike Snider at USA Today has a new article showcasing new releases with a focus on Fallout 3. Meanwhile, at MTV Mutliplayer, Patrick Klepek discusses how the game is consuming his time.

New reviews for Fallout 3 continue to hit. Here’s some of the latest ones to go up…

  • UGO’s Russ Frushtick grades the game an A+ in his review.
  • Scott Taves at MSNBC feels Fallout 3 is a “no-brainer for game of the year.
  • Gaming Trend gave the game the Michael Phelps’ treatment — awarding the game a Gold Medal in their review.
  • Stu Horvath has a review up for the New York Daily News.
  • Nick Chester of Destrutoid declares the gameplay experience of Fallout 3 “unmatched” in his review.

To read more reviews, head here.

Reader Comments

  1. Happy to hear that Trophies will be implemented. And game with this many choises will probably get quite a few re-runs on my part too.

    So far I have had a blast with the Fallout3(Ps3) and guess I have been pretty lucky since havent really had any problems with it. (except freezing and minor physics bugs)

  2. Pete Hines: Nope, never. It was designed as a single-player game. Trying to add multiplayer would be a giant cluster-you-know-what.

    Once more with feeling and a microphone!

  3. Congratulations on being recognized for such a masterpiece work with that one of kind Bethesda style that crosses many genres making them into one reality for the player to play out their favorite fantasies.

    It really feels fantastic to play FALLOUT 3 out of the box and feel absolutely 100% satisfied without using the excellent mods the fans are capable of. Its like playing Tes 2 Daggerfall in its completeness.

    Enjoy the bright after glow of success.

  4. Thank you for not completely disenfranchising and alienating the PS3 audience. I like playing games on my PS3 more, and the fact that trophy support will be added makes me optimistic that future improvements will come to the PS3.

    Right now, I’m hoping that the current Microsoft DLC plans are time-released exclusives.

  5. Thanks for stitching us PS3 owners up again.

    Thanks for all the bugs you guys couldn’t be bothered to fix.

    I’m still waiting for the seperate Shivering Isles expansion pack for Oblivion here in the UK. This is the last Bethesda game I’ll buy unless you guys get your act together.

    We’ve already been gouged plenty by the kind of prices console owners are expected to play over an above the PC version.

    Have a Happy Christmas. I’m not bitter – honest

  6. I check the forums every week in anticipation of the vaguely referenced trophy patch. I will not buy this game until it is released, but a target date would at least be reasonable. Come one Bethesda, give it to me!