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Here’s some interesting Fallout 3 coverage you can read up on over the weekend.

Reviews continue to hit the web. Today I spotted a new review at the New York post, where they gave the game an “A.” Here’s a snippet:

“The story is of course kind of tragic. But this is Fallout. And Fallout does not mess around. It tries very hard, and I think succeeds, in presenting you with a world where there is NO hope. Your job, depending on how you play the game, is to restore that hope. You can either be a beacon of humanity or a scourge.”

Elsewhere, you can read new reviews at Electric Playground, 360, Gay Gamer, Lazy Gamer, RPGamer, and the The Onion’s AV Club.

If you’re done reading reviews, it might be worth checking out some sites providing some helpful information on playing the game. Check out the Fallout 3 Superguide at 1Up, the 64 Best Tips for Fallout 3 at GamePro, or IGN’s walkthrough.

Speaking of IGN, this week they have a new interview with Fallout 3 Composer Inon Zur. Here’s an excerpt:

IGN Music: Since the world of Fallout 3 is sort of this mutated post-apocalyptical, nuclear holocaust scenario, did you at all immerse yourself in any of those old Road Warrior-styled movies from the ’80s, when post-apocalyptical nuclear holocaust scenarios were the hot sub-genre of sci-fi movies?

Inon Zur: It definitely had some impact on the score and believe it or not also some old Vietnam movies and other films where people were not afraid to go bezerk with the score and use some sound effects like Full Metal Jacket and other scores that had a lot of weird effects in the musical score. So I definitely got influenced by that. Anything that could be achieved to give the player this dark, apocalyptic feeling of what’s going on, this almost hopelessness and retro nuclear war kind of thing.

GamePro now has a list of their Top 26 RPGs. Both Oblivion (#17) and Fallout 3 (#5) made the list. Speaking of those two titles, CVG compares the two on their site.

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