Fallout 3 nominated for seven VGAs


This morning the nominees for the 6th Annual Spike TV Video Game Awards (or as the hip kids say, the VGAs) were announced and Fallout 3 is nominated in seven judged categories. The categories are:

To see all the winners announced live, tune into Spike TV on December 14 at 9 p.m.

Reader Comments

  1. I knew Dad’s voice sounded familiar!

    Fixit may have been joking, but I hope you can download patches to fix the crash/map glitch at the bridge behind the “Super Market” and the one in Minefield where the sniper is. It is on a majority of the games, not just a few. The PC’s crash there, and the XBox version has the Map glitch.

    Also, can you download a patch for Xbox users to change the level ceiling to more than 20? It is not a livable number for a game map of that size. We need to be able to explore the land, and it is a rediculously limiting ceiling.

    That said, the game is Awesome, just as addicting as I knew it would be coming from the great Bethesda Soft! You are the Gods of Game Developers and have our undying loyalty.