New Games for Windows Live Update


As reported on Major Nelson’s blog, there’s a new update now available for Games For Windows Live. If you haven’t already received the update already, the next time you play Fallout 3 (or any LIVE-enabled title), you’ll be prompted for an update that gives you a new LIVE guide. To see how the guide looks, Major Nelson has a Flickr page showing what the guide looks like.

Don’t forget that Fallout 3’s downloadable content will be exclusively available on Games for Windows Live and Xbox Live. This new update, which features a revamped interface and in-game guide, is the first step for Games for Windows Live Marketplace, where you’ll find our downloadable content.

Reader Comments

  1. So now if I want your DLC’s I have to join this games for windows live thing, track down some place in Norway where I can buy “points” or whatever from Microsoft, – probably have to buy more points than the actual DLC costs, and at a much higher price than those US residents pay, + tax, then use these points to “purchase the download? Pardon me but LMAO! Apparently through the “Marketplace” you now have a no-nonsense way to deliver updates and great downloadable content? Hello?
    Went I purchased the DLC’s for Oblivion, and yes I bought all of them, I went to and gave my creditcard number and presto I got my DLC! That is what I call no-nonesence! I don’t know how the heck anything could be any less problematic than that. Right now I’m not so sure I should bother getting the new DLC’s. Too much monkey business.
    Fallout 3 is a great game though, best game I’ve played since Oblivion.-nice job on that one Beth.

  2. Games for Windows Live is not available in Russia. Is there any possibility for Russians to buy DLCs?
    I’ve bought all Oblivion’s DLCs through – it was easy and convenient way for me.

  3. Is this why you are not providing mod tools? because they would conflict with the downloadable content you want to charge people on the PC?

  4. So definitely no DLC on the PS3? 🙁 Sounds like someone did an exclusive deal with MS, but I wish you just wouldn’t have released the PS3 version in that case.

    I think a lot of folks are going to be surprised when they find out–Fallout 3 brought a lot of new fans into the fold, like myself, and while it was made clear to existing fans that the PS3 version wasn’t getting any DLC, newcomers to the series weren’t keeping track. Now many of us are stuck with the “defective version.” It’s bad enough that there’s no keyboard/mouse support on consoles, leaving us stuck -shooting- wooden crates to move them and get at the items underneath.

    The bottom line is, when you have multiple versions on consoles that are the mirror image of each other, you don’t expect to get gypped by having one company buy exclusive rights to -part- of the game, you expect the whole game to be there.

  5. I recently joined Winodws Live. I wanted to unlock some previous acheivements that I missed. But I hear that acheivements are only unlocked by the requirments being met the first time and that your signed in of course. SO does this mean I will be unable to unlock those missed achievments.?

    THANKS FOR G.E.C.K and hopefully I’ll have enough for your DCLs

    Keep the excellent work!!!!

  6. Windows Live would be great, but I can never get it to work for me. It just freezes when I try and run it, or it gives me a error.
    Hopefully this new one will work. Tired of sitting around and trying to get it to work.


  7. I downloaded the GFW Live update, and now Fallout 3 no longer works. I’ve reinstalled Fallout 3 two times and still doesn’t work 🙁

  8. DLC exclusive for Windows Live .. And then we gotta buy microsoft points .. The world has gone completely insane, especially Bethesda 🙁

    So no retail DLC? wow …

  9. So… pretty frustrating to be a PC gamer, with all the flexibility that ought to entail, yet be forced to jump through the same loops as console gamers just so Microsoft can flex their collective muscles and take a little bit of extra money by forcing us to buy MS points in big blocks.

    OK, it’s not the end of the world or anything, but there’s no logical reason why Fallout 3 benefits from this whole MS Live contraption. It’s a single-player game.

    Fallout 3 is one of the best games I’ve played, and as soon as there’s a reasonable way to get hold of the DLC, I’ll buy it… but MS Live is part of a general trend to make PC gaming just like console gaming, and thus not something I want to support.