DLC and Editor announced


Big news today! In a press release this morning, we announced the official editor for Fallout 3. Called the G.E.CK. (Garden of Eden Creation Kit), PC gamers will be able to mod Fallout 3 to their heart’s content. The G.E.C.K. will be free and available for download next month. More details to come.

We also announced three downloadable content packs for Fallout 3 — beginning with Operation: Anchorage, which will be available for download on Games for Windows LIVE and Xbox LIVE in January. In February and March, we’ll be releasing The Pitt and Broken Steel.

Below are descriptions for all three DLC packs:

  • Operation: Anchorage — Enter a military simulation and fight in one of the greatest battles of the Fallout universe – the liberation of Anchorage, Alaska from its Chinese Communist invaders. An action-packed battle scheduled for release in January.
  • The Pitt — Journey to the industrial raider town called The Pitt, located in the remains of Pittsburgh. Choose your side. Scheduled for release in February.
  • Broken Steel — Join the ranks of the Brotherhood of Steel and rid the Capital Wasteland of the Enclave remnants once and for all. Continues the adventure past the main quest. Scheduled for release in March.

To read the full press release, head over to the Fallout 3 Official Site.

Reader Comments

  1. @Zero_Phoenix:
    Well I don’t know what questionable content discussions there are on the 360, but Sony has shown they are fine with user generated content in general with Little Big Planet and Unreal Tournament, and uncontrolled user generated content specifically with Unreal Tournament, so no reason why Fallout should be different. No reason for Bethesda to deny access to mods to PS3 users content just because Microsoft doesn’t want it on their platform.

  2. Bethesda is complicit in harming the gaming industry by agreeing to these exclusivity deals with Microsoft. If more people go with the Xbox because they’re denied access to DLC with their PS3 then it will lead to reduced PS3 sales, which in turn will further dissuade developers from working on games and content for the PS3. The PS3 could then end up as a dead duck, therefore depriving gamers and the gaming industry of choice and competition.

  3. Bethesda why you guys cant put some dlc & patches for the PS3 version?

    It’s like you guys are some kind of dictators or something like that, i really enjoyed Fallout 1 & 2 but Fallout 3 was like The Elder Scrolls 5 : Fallout 3.

    Nah i just sell my Fallout 3 PS3 version and start playing those good old Black Isle’s Fallout 1 % 2.

    Thank you Bethesda for ruining the Fallout 3 PS3 version, really thank you.

  4. The new scripting looks much more flexible than Morrowind/Oblivion’s; I wonder if it’s possible to set variables and game settings to functions rather than constant values yet?

  5. Yes!!! I spent around 110 hours on my 1st character,
    and deep into my current and i am very excited about the DLC! Sounds very cool. I’m ready. Thanks guys, yall rule!!!

  6. I hate you Bethesda! You make such great and fantastic games and then completely ignore PS3… G.E.C.K. should be available in both XBOX 360, pc AND PS3!

  7. I am sorely disappointed by your decision to not give the PS3 version any downloadable content. Hopefully you will reverse your decision, as I, as well as many other FO3 players on the PS3, would love to be able to continue past the end of the game. You would think that because we also bought the same game, we would also be entitled to the exact same content as those who bought it for the 360 or PC.

  8. Hey gstaff,

    I have a credit card just WAITING to be charged $50 or more on the remaining Oblivion DLC for PS3.

    Don’t even get me started on how much I’d spend on Fallout 3 DLC. You guys want my money or what???

  9. ^so many comments about the PS3 and yet the only one you reply to is the one about STEAM.
    really, take a page out of Criterion and LISTEN to your consumers, they are whom make you more money NOT exclusivity deals

  10. Im not even that annoyed that we arn’t getting the DLC, you guys where obviously bribed by microsoft, but can you please just fix some of the stuff on ps3 rather than just leaving it to rot like you did with oblivion. Seriously, the game freezing for 3 seconds everytime someone signs in is a pain the youknowwhat

  11. People, you need to remember that this is business. Yeah, it would be great if everyone could get along, but the market is competitive. Bethesda does not hate their customer base on the PS3 – that’s just foolish talk. What happened, I think, is that the company made a business decision that involved supporting certain platforms over others in an effort to increase profitability. Don’t take it personally. What if Sony had made a similar deal with Bethesda? (Why didn’t Sony make a deal?)

    I looked online and I can’t find details of the agreement between MS and Bethesda, but who’s to say the exclusivity is permanent? Maybe you PS3 owners will get the content in the summer. In any case, please try and remember that stuff like this isn’t a personal attack. Business is business, and the market ebbs and flows. For example, I always preferred Sega consoles over Sony and Nintendo consoles, but we all know how that ended up. I reacted to the market by buying an Xbox (because I still didn’t like Sony or Nintendo), and it seems my decision is paying off. That’s how the market works…

    No matter what else, please just stop whining about being a victim. Lack of PS3 support isn’t something new or unexpected. PS3 support has been low since launch. Why would anyone expect radical changes now? Things haven’t really improved in the market, and Sony isn’t slinging cash for exclusive deals (or playing the market well at all, truth be told). Honestly, if you all really want the updates ASAP, then buy a new PC or Xbox 360. Otherwise, wait and see what happens. OR – and this is probably the best idea – go and sling mud at Sony for not getting THEIR act together instead of complaining to the wrong people.

    Bethesda, great job on the game! I can’t wait for the new DLC. I hope you keep supporting the franchise well into the future.

  12. Thank you Bethesda – looking forward to the GECK! I only have one question, when in december is it going to be avliable? The 1th or the 31th? It’s a big difference for me… hoping for an answer but not expecting to get one.


  13. are those Three downloadable content packs gonna be free ones? or like oblivion expansion packs and are they coming available on shops becouse i cant able to buy them on net but i sure want those<3 xD

  14. A Game of The Year Edition will no doubt be on it’s way after March for ALL platforms and for PC users probaly a plugin package like with Oblivion and the Kinghts of the Nine as well.

    Am I right Bethesda?

    Look Forward to G.E.C.K and keep up the execellent entertainment.

  15. I understand it’s a business decision to take Microsoft’s exclusivity money. However, I’m making my own business decision and never buy from a company that makes me feel like a second class citizen. This is a great game but it’s a shame it’s so buggy and a whole group of their customers gets so blatantly disrespected.

  16. What would you expect them to say to us PS3 users? “Hey sorry guys we are so sorry you can’t get the DLC.” They don’t care! They were paid off and couldn’t be happier right now. Trust me when I say there isn’t a single person from Bethesda who is losing any sleep over their justifiably disgruntled PS3 fanbase.

  17. It was well known long before release that the PS3 wouldn’t have DLC. You should have done some research on this game and the console you bought it for as well. When the PS3 was released it was made clear very quickly that the difficulties in programing would result in poor third party support for the life of the console. Face it you have purchased the least supported platform on the market. You have made your decision informed or not and now you must live with it. Because of these facts your complaints fall on deaf ears around here so as was said already, go tell it to Sony.

  18. Fallout 3 is the best game I have ever played, period. I am very disappointed to find out there will be now DLC support for the PS3. All of the Xbox Exclusive DLC is a joke, and not fair to the consumer. I really hope you come to your senses and support the PS3 instead of the “money hat”. If DLC was released, I would buy it in a minute. My credit card is waiting…

  19. M$ has screwed over PS3 owners again. Thank You Bethesda for giving in to M$. It’s such a amazing game and the DLC look awesome but I know this is all for money. Bethesda will release a GOTY edition for $60 forcing PS3 owners to buy it again giving them more money. When a company decided to release exclusive DLC it feels as if the company doesn’t care about the consumer at all. As long as they get a Big Check from Bill there happy to screw me over.

  20. When i first discovered that Fallout3 was coming to PS3 i jumped head over heals and went nuts. When i heard about Operation Anchorage, Broken Steel, and The Pitt, i again went head over heals and started drooling. And to say i’m dissappointed about the exclusitivity of the content for 360 would be an understatement.

    After reading most of the information about the fallout3 project when it was still in developement, i came across something that brought my faith into bethesda. You claimed that you wanted to keep an the same feel of the original fallout that black isle had created long ago. and you achieved greatly.

    The difference is, Black Isle would never have limited its DLC to certain systems, and i feel that you have stepped on the hearts of many fans of the series and walked all over them w/o shame or remorse.

    Plenty of people agree that this content should be available for DLC, but its your decision to make, so have a heart and embrace that which is the PS3!!!

  21. You disappoint me. Why didnt you put a big, obnoxious, red No Addons sticker on my PS3 Copy. I would have bought the PC version to be able to get the DLC. Instead you steal my money and cheat me out of expansions.

  22. So basically as a PS3 owner I’m going to have to wait until whatever award version of the game comes out in the Spring and buy the game over again? Yay.

    Come on, Bethesda. Either support the PS3 or don’t. I should have learned my lesson with Oblivion…but at least I got the Shivering Isles expansion. Right now it’s nothing but the cold shoulder from you to PS3 owners. I have the feeling that I’m just going to look at Bethesda products as PC/Xbox exclusives that I completely ignore from now on.

  23. Who cares if they decide not to support ps3, bethesda staff stopped being gamers and have embraced their inner yuppie.

    I got all the DLC I want, I have LBP. Oh and how crazy is this? It was developed by gamers.

  24. Well i can see theres no point keeping them so i put oblivion and fallout up on ebay. You could have at least made a definitive statement by now but no. Im never buying another bethesda game again no matter how good they are cause i know youll just screw us over for the xbox and the PC.

  25. Just as a fan of the work from Arena and Daggerfall, to Bloodmoon and Oblivion I would just like to thank you (I don’t know about TRULY thanking you guys, as I’ve wasted half of my life figuring out those game, as well as Fallout 3 and the Anchorage DLC) for always putting out where it counts, I’ve never been disappointed and maybe some of the Fallout 3 content hasn’t been compltetely canon with the previous installments,(why was the T-51b better than the Advanced Enclave Power Armor?) still a great addition to the serious and totally worthy of game of the year. Although seeing Bob and Harold like that tore my heart up. </3
    -Forever a fan

    btw, your games keep costing me jobs!

  26. ive been wondering if the pitt or broken steel will include any new weapons and if so will their be any new alien weapons or energy weapons?(great game even if i keep losing Wolfgang!!)

  27. Again i have to throw my hat in, the PS3 release of Fallout 3 has been abandoned after launch, because Bethesda has become loyal to one format, makes you wonder was it a rockstar GTA style cash for extras deal, or do Bethesda really hate the PS3 or its fanbase, yes Criterion should be held up in praise as there Multiformat games, have received content after launch, I was a pc owner of Oblivion and have all its expansions and enjoyed them all, I ended up with the PS3 fallout as it was purchased for me as a gift so i didnt get the PC one which i could have run, and guess what, thats exactly where the revenue stream dries up for me on this one, Id have gladly bought more content if it was up to the maingame and the Oblivion extras, but i may steer clear of future Bethesda products now, whose to know later PC fallouts or TES games will only get content on whatever console MS churns out next, or maybe Sony will be market leaders again next gen, and Bethesda will back that horse. Dont abandon the PS3 Fallout owners, isnt repeat business and good word of mouth and the companies rep worth more than whatever MS or business decision led to the abadnonware status of PS3 Fallout 3, bethesda arent alone in this though Exclusive DLC has to be an internal MS strategy to hurt the PS3.

  28. PS, I still though Fallout 3 was awesome, my housemate has the PC version so ive played a good chunk of both versions and yes the PS3 is rougher around the edges so to speak but isnt the XB360 one when compared to the PC, but i must add awesome job from the team, the games a really good sci fi rpg, and lives up to fallouts legacy, even if its different in playstyle, it nailed the feel of Black Isles universe.

  29. Thanks for screwing PS3 owners YET AGAIN. Needless to say I won’t be purchasing the DLC for Fallout 3. So hurry up and get to work on Elder Scrolls V. I’ll be sure to get that one on 360, as loathe as I am to spend more money on a company that has screwed me over twice.

  30. I loved Oblivion. By far my favorite game of all time. I can not express the level of frustration I felt when I learned that PS3 owners would not receive DLC. Now you are doing this again with Fallout. I bought a PS3 because it is the best system, I will not buy another system period. Please stop this exclusivity with platforms. You are alienating your fans. I want to play Fallout 3 very badly, but I will not buy it until Bethesda treats PS3 owners fairly. Please listen to us.

  31. I feel the same as Suraj why single out the content to owners of microsoft and pc,make it happen for ps3 owners as well.I as well enjoyed Oblivion very great rpg,but I won’t buy Fallout 3 either because of the fact there is no DLC for the platform,i once owned an Xbox but for the simple fact its expensive to own and not reliable.Two of my friends have a Xbox and and they both had to return their console to the company because of malfuntions and causing a ring-like scratch on the disc.So in any case listen to the people of the community and make it available for all systems.