Around the web: Dreaming about Fallout edition

Here’s the latest briefing on Fallout 3 news found around the web.

As 2008 wraps up, we’re starting to see sites pulling together their GOTY lists. Fallout 3 is included in preliminary lists at The New York Times, Gamespot, and CNBC.

Having trouble surviving in the wasteland? IGN has a new video highlighting three of the most powerful weapons in Fallout 3 — with tips on how to find them.

Wanna know Todd’s ritual on release day?  Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft got answers from Todd, as well as other notable developers for a post titled “What Game Developers Do When Their Games Launch.” You can check it out here.

Just as the sun rises in the east, we’ve got Fallout 3 reviews featured in “around the web.” New reviews can be found at ABC News, Just Press Play, GameZone, Quiet Earth, Neotaku, PALGN, Exclaim!, Gaming Trend, Game Freaks 365, and GameGirl. While I haven’t seen the review, nor would I be able to read it, 1Up reports that Japanese magazine Famitsu awarded Fallout 3 a score of 38/40. According to this report, the score would tie Oblivion for the highest non-Japanese RPG score ever in the magazine.

Finally, of all the Fallout 3 coverage I’ve sifted through, this has got to be the weirdest. At GameGrep, I found this clip where a guy is discussing his dreams on a radio station. Give it a listen, and within a few seconds, you’ll realize he’s pulling the DJ’s leg. I bet Three Dog is having a good laugh about this somewhere.

Reader Comments

  1. Nice read on game release rituals. Interesting how the huge crowds appear out of nowhere for FALLOUT 3 compared to the old days of TERMINATOR FUTURE SHOCK where having a computer was a hobbyist venture like the ham radio and consoles had more mass appeal due to ease of use. I can still remember my friends expressions seeing me use a computer for the first time in DOS and totally shocked i had to type and type so much to get a game started. They were used to just plopping in a game cartridge into their SUPER NINTENDO systems and play. It was like having to do work just to play a game. They should see the mod scene for a real shocker where we have been given the chance to control our dreams..

  2. The IGN video about the guns was a letdown… They’ve obviously missed the Vengeance! Terrible shotgun? Lincoln’s Repeater? Bah. Cool but not among the THREE BEST guns in the game 😀