PLAY! concert offers a chance to meet Jeremy Soule!


Jason Paul, producer of PLAY! A Video Game Symphony, gave me a head’s up this week about a an upcoming concert on January 9 in Edmonton. In addition to a spectacular night of listening to classic videogame themes performed by a full orchestra, he let me know Morrowind and Oblivion composer Jeremy Soule will be attending the concert. Even better, 150 lucky patrons will be randomly chosen at the concert for a chance to meet the famous composer.

While I’ve missed out on attending previous concerts, fans I’ve spoke with have said it’s a fantastic show. For ticket ordering information to the concert, head here.

Reader Comments

  1. I’m a huge fan of the Oblivion music (and probably also of the Morrowind music if I’ve played it..).

    Hope Mr. Soule is returning on Fallout 4.
    I like some of the Fallout tracks but there are like only 5 tracks! And it isn’t as intense as Jeremy Soule’s music.

  2. Soule’s work is outstanding.

    But with that said, I don’t want him scoring Fallout 4. Inon Zur was pretty good, except for the horrible combat music (which is an extremely bad idea all in itself, Beth should abandon this immersion breaking concept), but I still hope Beth will bring back The One Fallout Composer, Mark Morgan.Come on, he would be more than willing to continue his work on Fallout!