Around the web: Fallout 3 vs. Reality edition


GamesRadar has a new feature on their site comparing the real world sites of Washington, DC to screenshots taken within the game. If you can look past all the destruction, I’d say they look pretty similar. There’s no ducks in Fallout 3, of course.

In other news, game sites continue to discuss their favorite games of the year — with Fallout 3 getting mentions. IGN Australia recently announced their Top Ten Games of 2008 and honored Fallout 3 with their #2 spot. Meanwhile, Sarcastic gamer features Fallout 3 as one of their nominees for GOTY.

It’s been well over a month since the game’s release, but new reviews continue to pop up in our RSS feeds. 360Sync, Computer Act!ve, Game Couch, and Grrl Gamer have their reviews online.

If you’re looking for helpful tips on the game, here’s a few online articles that might help you out. GameBanshee has relaunched their Fallout equipment database so that it now includes all the items from Fallout 3. Mania has a top ten list of items you’ll need in the wasteland. Elsewhere Gamer Limit put up a help guide for completing all the side quests in the game. Finally, since folks have asked me about often, here’s another link to GamesRadar’s guide to finding all 20 bobbleheads.

Reader Comments

  1. Hey mate just wanted to point out, where you say “here’s another link to GamesRadar’s guide to finding all 20 bobbleheads.” It directs them to our Sidequest guide again. Just thought you wanted to know.

  2. Cool article. It’s pretty neat to see the in-game shots alongside pics of the real world counterparts.

    I also like the changes to the particular fountain that they’re all talkin’ about over there. Like that one fellow finally pointed out in the comments, you have to consider the Fallout time-line is not the same as our own and some things are bound to be different.

  3. There should be a geck to create content on the pc then transfer to xbox 360 as a 360 player i feel ripped off to be honest that i wont be able to make anything!

  4. How is this related to troubleshooting? Where’s the help? Fallout 3 is a fun game that I’m somehow able to play on a sorely outdated 5-year-old PC, but can’t play for more than a few minutes on a brand new laptop. What’s up with that?