Community Scrapbook — Funny Characters


Last week we kicked off the Community Scrapbook and asked that you send along your favorite “funny characters” you’ve created in Fallout 3.

While the above image (from Brian Nielson) could be classified more as being “terrifying” than “funny” — I did get a kick out of his character’s Freddy Krueger-esque look — I must say it’s a pretty clever use of the Deathclaw Gauntlet and Ghoul mask.

We got plenty of other entries, but I realized that creating funny characters in a post apocalyptic environment isn’t always what you guys have in mind. This time around, we’ll make it a little bit easier. Send us your favorite Scenic Landscape images, and we’ll share sometime soon on the blog. Remember, they can be from any of our games.

After the break, you can check out a few other humorous characters that were sent along…


“Mrs. Nondrick” by Duncan Frowde

Scooter (2).jpg

“Scooter” by Karnieopt


Character by Jacob Borg

Reader Comments

  1. how do you heal Charon (the ghoul that you can own his contract) I have tried everything from sleeping to waiting and placing stimpaks, jet, nuka, ice cold nuka, etc. He does not take any of that. I cant even use my medical skill, that i know of, as in the previous fallout games. I did get Dogmeat and I was able to heal him with stimpaks and even Sydney, from the National Archives, could use stimpaks. please let me know what I can do because having Charon helping shoot up the bad guys is great!!!

  2. Fallout 3 is one badass game. Better than Oblivion, and thats saying something. It should def be game of the year, no make that game of the decade. Bethseda did an amazing job with this game. i hope they keep making games like these. Its like a great rpg meets an action packed fps game. Keep up the good work bethseda.