The G.E.C.K. is here!!!


Today we released the G.E.C.K. (that’s Garden of Eden Creation Kit) for Fallout 3. As the official editor of Fallout 3, the G.E.C.K. will allow you to create your very own content for the PC version of Fallout 3.

To help you get started, members of the team have put together a wiki for the G.E.CK. Whether you’re new to modding or not, we highly recommend you check out our tutorials, entitled “My First Vault Tutorial Series.”

To go along with the tutorials, we’ve put some helpful videos together to help walk you through the process. Above is the first video on Layout — you’ll find the other eight after the break. Special thanks go out to Rashad Redic, Joel Burgess, Jeff Browne, Jesse Tucker, Phil Nelson and Daryl Brigner for putting these together.

So enough talk, download the G.E.C.K., read the Wiki, and get started — we can’t wait to see what you guys create!

Reader Comments

  1. Many thanks for this. Many thanks.

    A file mirror is already available at the Nexus as well as several other mirror sites in case Bethsoft servers cannot send it to your hard drive fast enough. 🙂


  2. I subconciously emmitted a napoleon-dynamite-esque “yuhsssssssssssss” upon reading this news – since I’m in a ghastly-quiet computer lab, at least 5 people stared at me funny.

    Seriously though. YUHSSSSSSSSSS!

  3. I knew we could count on you guys to come through with an improved editor but a full blown wiki to boot? You are now officially the greatest game developer of ALL time. Thank you.

    Your loyal lifetime customer,


  4. Thanks for the big pre-Christmas gift Bethsoft!
    I was modding my Oblivion heavily and now I see an entirely familiar modders’ environment for my favorite game… It can’t get any better.
    2 weeks outta my life. Again.

    Long live Bethesda.


    Thanks for the G.E.C.K. Bethesda and for the great wiki and detailed easy to understand videos.

    Hail Bethesda! The right people for the right job.

  6. Thank you Bethesda! 😀
    Looking forward to keep exploring this exellent games for many more months now that the Capital Wastelands truly will come to life again.
    And with whe wiki, maybe even someone with a Sience skill below 25 (like me) can start modding 😉

  7. Fantastic I hoped it would come out before the months end and it did! great work on the wasy to follow video tutorials and wiki.

    I look forward to making new quests and areas so much!

    Also can’t wait for all those great modders out there to make some very interesting additions to the fallout 3 community!

    ~Grey a.k.a. Greyfox

  8. Yay for the modders!!!!

    But seriously! When does the new patch come out?! I can’t stand that I have to reduce graphics dramatically in order to be able to play the game without it crashing frequently. It is not a hardware problem–there is something wrong with the software!

  9. My hunt for a PC that can handle this game continues with vigor. I have a 360, and Fallout 3 for it, but with the mods those talented people will release makes me want to cry, because I won’t be able to enjoy them myself. If only Oblivion and Fallout could magically play on a Macintosh.

    Regardless, thank you, Bethesda; Above and beyond, as usual.

  10. Will the geck be released in some shape or form for the ps3 and xbox 360 versions, because that would be so awesome. Oh will The Pitt and Broken Steal be released for the ps3 and xbox 360 versions also? seeing as how your already ripping us on Project Anchorage, which is really stupid because me and like 50 of my friends were looking forward to and add on such as that. Lastley does anyone have an idea as to when we can expect the trophys for the ps3 to be released?

  11. Absolutely fantastic! I have been checking daily when this is released, and now it is here! One of the biggest xmas presents I most likely will be getting this year!

  12. Thanks so much for this wonderful early Christmas gift!!
    I’ve already blogged it to help spreading the voice.
    You really know what’s the meaning of value-added.
    Continue like that! When it’s Bethesda I know how I’m spending my money!

  13. @ Roazir, the GECK is not the sort of thing that can be released for consoles. I think it’s the console manufacturers who determine this, for security reasons. The DLCs are exclusive to Microsoft Live (PC and 360)

  14. well thats stupid because not all of us can afford a computer good enough to run a game like fallout 3 of be able to run the geck without problems. hopefully they come out with something unique and exculsive for the ps3 since they’re coming out with something exclusively for xbox 360.

  15. Great to not have to wait for the mod tools for a year, but isn’t it a bit unsafe move to release the mod tools before getting a proper patch out?

    Now I can mod Fallout 3 yet not play it. Hooray.

  16. DLC is possible for the PS3 – Bethesda released Shivering Isles as a Playstation Store download, but not in the UK store (why not???).

    Other DLC for PS3 include all the Guitar Hero and Rock Band songs, LittleBigPlanet characters, tracks and vehicles for MotorStorm, etc etc.

    Bethesda could easily release add-ons for Fallout 3 (and Oblivion) for PS3, as the mechanics to modify the original installation are already there. They just chose not to, which I find to be poor. I understand why the GECK could not be released, but certain additional content should be easy to provide.

    I’ve never played the PS3 version of Fallout 3 – does it use the PS3’s Trophies system (similar to Achievements on the XBox/Windows LIVE platform)? I have a PS3, but I got Fallout on the PC instead for modding purposes.

  17. Just got internet hooked up in my new apartment today, and there’s a geck all wrapped up in a nice little .zip! yay, thanks all!

  18. Well I think that they should release the G.E.C.K. for the consoles, do it somewhat like the RPG maker games, only better….because I’m with Roazir, not all of us can afford a computer that is sufficiently ‘tricked’ out to play games like fallout 3….and that goes for TES IV as well.

  19. SOMEone, *please* send out directions on cleaning up corrupted objects. I’ve got three places on the map I can’t get to – suspect it’s got to do with corrupted objects (big wiggly stringy-looking thingy in the sky, then crash to desktop…)

    D Wolf

  20. when are you guys gonna bring additinal content to ps3? are you just being you love microsoft too much. or is it to difficult? i don’t want to be rude,i just want an answer

  21. Yeah, just downloaded and installed it. The thing is. When I doubleclick on File>Data>Fallout3.esp, it shuts down at..between 25-31% Anyone got a clue, how to solve this? And btw, I got it on Vista, if that’s any help

  22. Is there a list of ‘Form Types’ as displayed in the G.E.C.K object window describing their function so that we can search the wiki for information on how to use them correctly ?

  23. Hey guys, help needed if possible, i used to use SI FaceGen for adding my own face to oblivion on an NPC can i do it with G.E.C.K as when i tried it is all smudged and weird, contact me on [email protected] or on Nexus forum under Wesker24, thanks so much

  24. I don’t care about PC G.E.C.K.! This needs to be made for PS3 and 360! I say that all PS3 and 360 users sell your fallout games! Don’t buy anything from these people in till G.E.C.K. is made for PS3 and 360! Boycott Bethesada!

  25. you guys should make a geck for the ps3 if your working on it you should tell the world. and when it might be release.