Emil is quite the card


Yesterday GamaSutra posted a story (originally from Game Developer magazine) entitled Game Developer’s Top Deck 2008. This “deck” highlights members of the game development community for their work in 2008. Making the list as the 10 of Diamonds is none other than Fallout 3 Lead Designer Emil Pagliarulo.

So what makes Emil a diamond? According the feature, diamonds are reserved for Progressives that “implement brand new ideas in game development, perhaps branching in unexpected yet compelling directions. Alternatively, you can simply make what already works, work a whole lot better.”

Yep, that sounds like Emil.

Reader Comments

  1. [it must B funny 2 play with a deck you are on =P
    he is not the king of diamonds hes a 10 !!!

    Left by Lucifer on December 15th, 2008]

    Agh! Righted by Lucifer! 😀