Update on updates for Fallout 3


Today in both the UK and the US, an update (v1.10) for the PlayStation 3 version of Fallout 3 went live. The patch adds Trophy Support, fixes Friend Notification issues, and also fixes a number of other issues reported within the community. When you boot up the game, you should see a notification to download the 24MB update.

Again, the update is presently available only for the English PS3 version of the game in the US and UK. Updates for other PS3 territories, as well as Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game, are on their way — right now those are in the final stages of being approved. When we have more news, we’ll let you know.

Reader Comments

  1. a change list would be nice. my game has been sitting around, saved at the point where you just did your baby book/stats. don’t want the GOAT issue happening, you know? 🙂

  2. It’ll take a lot more than this to repair the damage done to the PS3 community by releasing a game in this state.

    While the update is appreciated, what are the chances of being told what these “other issues we reported” are? I would like nothing more than to pull my copy off the shelf and get back to playing, but if I’m going to run into the same issues (GOAT, Jefferson, choppy visuals, schizophrenic FPS) then what’s the point? It’s still the same unreliable and broken game, just with trophies.

  3. Sounds great! Glad to hear the patch for the pc version could soon be out once it passes the approval stage. Thanks for the info.

  4. @Murton: yeah, the friends list issue im sure is appreciated by many, but i don’t have many friends getting on and offline during the hours i play, so it’s a non-issue for me. trophies WERE what i was waiting on to play, but after hearing about all of the game-stopping bugs i am still refraining from trying it. im hearing GOAT is still there and some others.

    this is good progress though. and im glad they’re addressing these things at all, unlike with oblivion/si on ps3 that had issues bethesda chose to ignore. here’s hoping for a second patch!

  5. @OrganicShadow: I hear that. Of course, in the UK you still can’t get SI without buying Oblivion again (GOTY) which I won’t do, so I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it myself.

    Forums are confirming other bugs that still exist as well as a couple that I’ve never heard of before. Looks like the game stays on the shelf for the time being. C’mon V1.20

  6. Ohh that’s lovely. Now I feel comfortable buying the game and the collectors edition is $60 on Amazon now . Just my luck 😀

  7. I played on PS3 for 60 hours and beat the game. Smooth performance, with only a couple crashes. Amazing game! What are the problems?? Or are these comments just FUD?

  8. love the trophies but im almost at the end any chance of backward compatibility for trophies don’t have time to start over to unlock them

  9. Glad to see, support for the game continues tirelessly, hopefully the game will get even more polish where needed.

    Thank you,


  10. I live in the UK, and have had the game since it’s release and not once did i have any crashes, bug glitches or anything else that has been reported, up to the patch release i had spent 34 hours playing. since the patch release again i haven’t had any issues, makes me wonder why some get them and others don’t. any way glad the trophy patch is here.

  11. good to see, a patch for pc is coming soon. such a great game, but this terrible bug with the key rebinding is annoying. the modders seemed to ignore this problem even with the released geck.

  12. I have had this game on 360 for a couple of months, and it’s a great game. Having said that, I have never been able to get anywhere near the Jefferson memorial and complete the main quest without a total lockup which makes it the buggiest game I have so far played. It’s been sitting unplayed for a few weeks waiting for a patch. When it comes I will finish it quickly and then shunt it straight into the resale pool. I’ve had it with all this beta rubbish. I’m not getting jaded and apathetic, but rather, keen to avoid the hassle in the first place.

  13. Where is the Fallout3 Patch for Austria and Germany for the german speaking gamers??

    NOWHERE TO BE SEEN, Bethesda !!??????????????????

  14. What prob with the Goat? I have ps3 played it almost beat it and then trophies came out started all over again to get trophies only prob I hag was the freese up when friends get on and off I just signed out and played it I have had no other problems with it…feels like oblivian and plays like oblivian love it….

  15. Great thing about the trophies but it will always remain an incomplete game for PS3 since there will be no DLC. In the future I might, and probably won’t, buy any incomplete games again.

  16. Hello,

    i bought the german version – and i love the game,… when do we get the patch? at, ch, uk, us, and more… please – dont forget the poor little germany guys.


  17. Hello,

    i bought the german version – and i love the game,… when do we get the patch? at, ch, uk, us, and more… please – dont forget the poor little germany guys.


  18. “in the final stages of being approved”

    This is why Games for Windows is a terrible idea. Microsoft doesn’t know what they’re doing, as evidenced by the abject failure of their Live component so far. Delaying patches so they can stamp their meaningless seal of approval is doing nobody any good. It makes some sense for the Xbox where they have to maintain the integrity of their console, but on Windows it just creates needless red tape. I want the patch now, not when Microsoft gets around to it. I much prefer Valve’s practice of delivering patches as soon as possible.

  19. still looking for that dlc. come on, guys. i know you wanna help out the ps3ers! thanks for this patch, though. great game. it really is. i just want dlc! don’t stop the goodness!

  20. Hello pals, i got one question.. where the hell can i download this Fallout 3 (PS3) patch… is there any web page where i can download it? i would appreciate any help friends.
    Thank you all.

  21. I would just love to know when the patch for 360 will be released because I’m worried that if I keep playing this game my 360 will stop working. I’m just 10 hours in and when I get to the start of the Those! quest it locks up every time, also when I just walk around the wasteland near that area my character falls through the ground. I was really enjoying the game until this and now I’m just getting really frustrated.

  22. the fallout games were intended to be played on the PC, and if you had it on PC you would have all the access to all the mods, patches you could imagine, stop whining about not having whatever it is your looking for and go get a copy of the PC version and play it like it was intended.

    as for Bethesda, thank you so much for continueing and adding to the project, and hopefully you will continue to make Exquisite games like oblivion and fallout.

    from DOS to Vista im still in the game

  23. we really need a patch for the 360 i’ve been through absolute hell with it, i’ve seen so many bugs some of them serious and it crashes all the time it’s so annoying when you buy a game you expect it to work

  24. That is absolutely tits. So when will the PC players, who match the recommended requirements, have a patch that makes their game work properly? Without all the random freezing and crashing?

  25. It’s your game segregate if you want to.

    I deserve to be punished because I bought a superior non-macroslop console. So, withhold DLC because the stuff probably isn’t good enough for the PS3 anyway. No really I understand along with the rest of the PS3 owners; the XBOX360 is easier to develop for, and my money is certainly harder to come by these days too. But, thanks for the bug fixes, patching your product is our bonus. OOH, thank you, thank you, thank you. XOXOXO right on your a$$.

  26. I have had the game for a couple of weeks now, and for the last 2 weeks all its done is sit on my desk untouched.
    A awful bug, which causes the screen to go black has been haunting rivet city, rendering the game almost useless. Please release the Xbox 360 patch soon 😀

  27. Hey waterchip, buy me a PC that could handle Fallout 3 and I’ll go get a copy of it for PC. For now I game with my 360 and I shouldn’t have to worry about games that freeze all the time or are loaded with a ton of bugs. Since my last post I’ve completed a few more missions but now the game just freezes randomly or when trying to fast travel occasionally .

    Another thing, don’t say this game was meant for PC, if Bethesda felt that way then maybe they wouldn’t have made it for Xbox 360 and PS3 but they did and therefore its meant for gamers not just uptight PC gamers.

    Lastly, will a Bethesda employee say anything here as to when we’ll get our patch and what that patch will fix?

  28. I understand you don’t have the details but are you telling us that there is not a single person at Bethesda that has details on the update?

  29. I downloaded the patch to Fallout 3 (PS 3), now if I could only figure out how to move it from the flash drive to the PS3! Please help, I am in Iraq (kinda looks like the Wasteland) and can’t get onto PS Network. Thanks

  30. Probably one the best games i’ve ever played. however, I’m being scared off by all this talk of the game crashing my ps3. I have suffered freezes. don’t know if i should even bother with the idea of a the game “breaking” my ps. Please release something to the community Bethesda and deny or confirm these rumors floating around on your forums. Don’t want to be afraid of such a awesome game.

  31. On the PS3 freeze issues. I don’t think all that can be blamed on Bethesda, I have other games that freeze too made by other development companies. One thing I found is that if you stand the PS3 upright it runs much cooler and I rarely have the freeze conditions that happened when I layed it down. I think that at least some of the problems are heat related. That being said, there are some well known and well documented problems with Fallout3 (GOAT being one) and Oblivion but most have fairly painless ways around them.

  32. So, I’m kinda curious as to why I haven’t been prompted the option to download the patch yet, I live in Canada and have 2 friends living in the same city who already have the patch. Before coming here to post this I did my research through the forums and found out to much of my surprise that the patch has yet to be launched in Canada, which is ridiculous considering the aforementioned statement above about my 2 friends. Anyways the reason I bought this game was because as far as I knew the game was trophy enabled. So I would like to know what the resolution to this problem would be as soon as possible please. Thank you. (I dont want to have to wait for the next patch to be able to play the game for trophies, if there is even going to be a next patch)

  33. this is stupid why is it just for xbox and pc what about ps3 you would make load of money please update it for ps3
    i cant respect my console anymore
    and im not the only one loads of ps owners are upset its so stupid xbox is
    stupid i hate bethesda make a good game and ruin it for playstation owners
    please let me and all playstation owners
    respect our consoles again iwant updates
    for fallout 3