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  1. I disagree with the title. IMO it’s a music video for other games maybe WoW… I wouldn’t know about that since I haven’t played that MMORPG (or any for that matter).

  2. Renegade: It’s a music video for Limbo of the Lost, judging by the couple of ripped clips I saw in there. Wasn’t that Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean?

  3. Thank you Bethesda not only can i still not play F3 but now i’m faced with the rather pecuilar decision on wether i should gauge my eyes out before piercing my eardrums or the other way ’round.

  4. uhh Love has enemies
    uhh yea these guys are love’s enemies.
    that video was soooo horrible.

    how do you match that song to that genre.. i just
    ….. aaahh
    that video made my brain hurt….
    it was so horrible

  5. GAH! He looks like a aneroxic girl. That guys needs to put on some weight fast before he sucks in any more air and implodes.

    Music is a bit to 1970s AM radio station for me. He has potential but only after some major image tweaking and a more stronger sound.

    Thank you Bethesda for showing us true horror with the hope of salvation.

  6. Oh man, I can’t believe someone is posting this video and saying it’s cool. I sent it to tons of people I know because it’s completely hilarious!

  7. I thought it was pretty awesome, dunno why people seem to hate it. Reminded me a lot of old fantasy movies, like Labyrinth or Princess Bride.

  8. Actually, I found the video to resonate quite well with both the epic fantasy and the ‘princess bride’ genres. Come on guys, don’t take it so deep, it was a cute video… and dramatic princes saving the day are par for the course in the fantasy genre in any case!

  9. You know… I love Fallout. I adore fantasy and sci-fi of many kinds. In fact I am playing Fallout 1 at the moment on my notebook, but this post gives us all an explanation for the pieceofcrapness of Fallout 3. I’m going to send my copy to stars rigged on a firework 🙂 Happy new year.
    p.s.: no gay can make a new FALLOUT

  10. Ahhhh… what?

    I was hoping for something epic… unless this was a play on awesome… awesome in a 1980s kinda way maybe?

    I think if you were pushed to find something that would be an Oblivion-like music video then I suppose… but EEEESSSHHH! My eyes.

    Ummm… yeah.

  11. Wow.

    I thought the little moustache he wore while “in-character” was a nice touch. Nice, as in it prevented people from thinking he was the damsel-in-distress’ anorexic sister.

  12. I don’t see how this can’t be the Oblivion music video. Right at the start you’ve got vibrant green trees, horses jumping over tree trunks, and women wearing white mage robes. The similarities between this and Oblivion are uncanny!