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Here’s the latest news on Fallout 3.

Following up their selection of Fallout 3 as the top PC game in 2008, GameSpy has now bestowed the same honor to the 360 version of the game. The PlayStation 3 release of the game also was honored — being named runner-up for GOTY. IGN has begun giving out their year end awards as well, with Fallout 3 winning RPG of the Year on both PlayStation 3 and PC.

Outside of the press, a few sites now have fan voting open for GOTY awards. Head to Voodoo Extreme and Team Xbox to place your votes.

If reading Fallout 3 reviews is your thing, you can read new ones at CHUD, BRnR, Game Abyss, and PS3 Vault.

I just went through a stack of magazines and came across some other news. In the January issue of PlayStation The Official Magazine, the Fallout 3 Official Game Guide is atop their monthly Top Ten list. Within the January issue of OXM, you can find a feature titled “Santa’s Little Helpers” that includes some helpful strategies for playing Fallout 3. Finally, the latest issue of Game Informer has a list of the “Top Ten Lines in Gaming,” with Ron Perlman’s famous words making the list at #9.

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  1. since vanderbuilt couldnt make the game and i sat around idle for years waiting for the next in the series all i can do is hope you get the GOTY award, and hopefully a VGA award.

    if interplay were still around and could have merged with bethesda, then and only then could fallout 3 had turned out even better.