Community Scrapbook — Scenic Landscapes


Last time around for Community Scrapbook, we requested that you send along your best scenic landscape screens you’ve taken. The shot above, taken by Ghostwise, is currently my desktop wallpaper.

Rather than coming up with criteria for the next scrapbook, how about you guys make some suggestions by commenting below. I’ll pick one of the suggestions and let you guys know.

Hit the jump below to see more scenic landscapes…


Ghostgate by Kirk Reinke

imperial city.jpg

Imperial City from the Great Forest by thijs VS


Megaton shot by Nic Wegner


More from Nic Wegner


Wasteland by Jacob Talkington


Potomac shot by Jacob Talkington

Reader Comments

  1. Nice desktop wallpaper you got there Gstaff! 😛 May I suggest for the next community scrapbook a most violent screenshot imaginable? Would be cool to see what kind of havoc we as the players could create and capture at the same time! 😀