Fallout 3, Team Honored


A few more year end awards have been announced for both Fallout 3 and Bethesda Game Studios over the weekend.

Up first, GameSpy concluded their year end awards — with Fallout 3 taking home the award for Overall Game of the Year and winning the Gamers’ Choice awards for Xbox 360 and PC. It’s a great honor anytime we get awards like these — especially when it comes from fans.

On Friday night IGN announced their Best of 2008 awards for Xbox 360, with Fallout 3 taking awards for Best RPG, Best Use of Sound, and Game of the Year. Here’s an excerpt from what they had to say on the game winning GOTY:

“The sense of immersion in this twisted, yet somehow believable, world is fantastic, but it’s the freedom and memorable moments that put Fallout 3 on top. The VATS combat is fantastic. The role-playing and decision making is top notch. Just about everything Fallout 3 does is special. You could (and should) play Fallout 3 for dozens and dozens of hours and still turn it on the next day and find something new and exciting.”

In other news, GamaSutra included Bethesda Game Studios in their list of the Top 5 Developers in 2008.

Reader Comments

  1. Oh phew – I feel like I can relax a bit now. 😀
    You needed *some* recognition, even in a year like this with so many great games, that you had absolutely busted yourselves to pieces creating a total masterpiece. It *deserved* Game of the Year. Nothing less. I hope there are many more awards to follow.

  2. Hey Bethesda, where is the PS3 trophy patch for the non-english languages? Will it arrive before christmas? (that’d be a nice present!)

  3. Great to see all the mind boggling hard work and intense advertising for FALLOUT 3 be validated with praise and out of this world sales 🙂

    Congratulations Bethesda for being the best and proving it time after time.