The Gav feels faint


Let’s be honest, many of us are excited for the release of Final Fantasy XIII and God of War III (fingers crossed that they both come out this year). But does anyone else get woozy thinking about them — like our very own Brendan Fraser Gavin Carter:

“I’m most looking forward to the coming installments of PlayStation series that haven’t seen a true next generation debut – namely God of War and Final Fantasy. Everything I’ve seen on the new Final Fantasy games has looked fantastic, and I feel faint when I think of the potential of a PS3 God of War game.”

Ladies love Gavin Carter. Gavin Carter loves Kratos.

Reader Comments

  1. It’s OK. You just saw Gavi- I mean, Brendan Fraser, just felt a little weak at the knees. 😀

    I also think kathode looks like a young Robert Downey Jr.

    Then again, I wasn’t actually the one to point out these particular celeb look-alikes for gstaff and Pete Hines (someone else came up with that one), so I guess Bethesda is just a factory of film star impersonators. 😉