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Today Eurogamer put up a new interview with Fallout 3 DLC producer Jeff Gardiner. In the interview, he reveals some new details about Operation: Anchorage, the first DLC for Fallout 3, as well as new details on future DLC. Here’s an excerpt:

Eurogamer: Finally, can you tell us anything else about The Pitt and Broken Steel?

Jeff Gardiner: The Pitt is a more ‘Traditional’ Fallout 3 quest – it’s full of morally grey choices, shady NPCs, and features another city ravaged by time, neglect, nuclear waste and moral degradation.

Broken Steel not only extends the game to level 30, it alters the core ending. It allows the player to continue exploring the ashen Wasteland and see the fruits that are born, or that die, from their decisions. It will reprise several main characters, and conclude some of the story threads left dangling.

Head to Eurogamer to read the rest. More news after the break.

Last month we reported on Fliggerty’s Morrowind House Modding invitational. Previously the contest was set to conclude on January 5th, but the deadline is now extended to the 17th of the month. Head on over to Great House Fliggerty for more details.

More year-end awards have honored Fallout 3. At Xbox 360 Fanboy, fans voted Bethesda Studio of the Year and Fallout 3 RPG of the Year. Additionally, the game was honored as Xav’s overall top game. Meanwhile, WRAL named Fallout 3 their favorite game in 2008, while GameStooge honored it with four awards: top PC game, top 360 game, best RPG, and overall GOTY.

Elsewhere, Ash pointed me to the blog of one of 2K Marin’s developers, Steve Gaynor. Steve makes a few mentions of Fallout 3, including his first mod for the game,  which adds dog food to the game. Additionally, Steve posts about his favorite moments in gaming for 2008 and kicks off the list with a quest from Fallout 3, Agatha’s Song.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for some help playing Fallout 3, the community at Giant Bomb continues to work on their Fallout 3 Mega Guide.

Reader Comments

  1. I really love what you are doing with the DLC. The only problem is that I only have a PS3. Please bring this over to the PS3 at some point. I’d buy it in a heart beat, as I love Fallout 3 and would love to get some more play out of it.

  2. GameStooge also gave Fallout 3 the Best RPG of 2008 Award, and nominated it for four additional awards: Best Music Score, Best Graphics (Technical), Best Graphics (Artistic) and Best Voice Acting of 2008 – for Liam Neeson as James.

  3. I must say, I have always love your snow/winter art since Bloodmoon, glad to see it’s in this expansion 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  4. i’m still disappointed about the lack of commitment you guys have shown the ps3. i own the game. i beat it. why don’t i get a chance to reach level thirty or play after the ending?

  5. As one of the co-authors of the guide linked at the bottom of the page, I’m just sitting here like “… whoa.”

    Thanks for the attention!

  6. Neat! I was one of the dudes who put that Fallout 3 guide together over at GiantBomb (Your link here brought in 23 hits!). No idea how it wound up over here, but it’s always nice to see your work appreciated 🙂

    Keep on rocking with Operation Anchorage guys.

  7. Yes; pls bring it to the PS3!

    It’s far more powerful than the Xbox 360 and if you’re wondering, COD4 developers have said (and heavily confirmed) that it’s more easier to develop games on that console that Xbox 360!

  8. It’s not going to come out for PS3. Just accept and stop whining to somebody who can’t change that. Why is it necessary to grab some people by the ears and scream “No!” at them before they can accept reality.

  9. I just wanted to ask whether Bethesda were considering doing an orange-box style idea, where all three DLC packs would be put on one disk once they have all been released? Personally, I think that is one of the best ideas EVER.

  10. If you Xbox guys were in our position you be doing exactly the same thing! Probably making more of a fuss, I’m not sure why you find it so easy to just sit there and laugh and not put yourselves in our shoes! What do think is going to happen when the tables turn and believe me, they will turn! Just take a look at history for that, I don’t think there will be any sympathy when it’s your turn to be on the receiving end. What happens if Sony stops Bethesda from making games for the PlayStaion, did you guys ever think what that would do to them, think about it carefully!

  11. Bethesda never liked the ps3 idk why they might bring it over i hope so i love fallout 3 and nic u are absolutely right about what would happen to bethesda if sony stopped them from making games on ps3 BRING ANCHORAGE TO PS3 WE ALL WANT IT IS SO UNFAIR TO US WHY BETHESDA ANSWER ME guys keep on askimg we will get it eventually they will crack think about it we got shivering isles so lets get operation anchorage YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I loved Morrowind and Oblivion. I would have liked to be able to join factions and spend time building skills in FallOut 3. My husband finished FallOut 3 a while ago, and I am no longer in a hurry to finish the game myself now. Bethesda forgot that the fantasy continues even after the game is played. When I am looking at long colums of numbers at work, thinking about future possible strategies helps the time pass a bit more easily. I hope in future games to see more plantlife, a less restrictive map with more territory, and more factions to join. Why did all of the raiders have to be hostile? Some should have been perhaps crimianlly motivated, but open to negotiations and trade.
    Thank you

  13. Please bring the DLC to the PS3! I love Fallout 3 and put 250 hours into the game… I don’t wanna have to do it again for the Xbox 360!

  14. I do think people on the Playstation 3 are getting kinda screw’d over but Playstation was screwing the xbox since the beginning, starting with the whole GTA series which eventually we got but it took forever, than you guys got the GOTY edition TES:4 with the expansion already in it while I had to go buy the disc for myself, as I did not have live at the time and now that we finally get some exclusive rights you guys are bitching? Of course it’ll probably get out there evetually but bugging them about it now on their forum isn’t gonna make it go any faster, nor will it force them to answer you guys. Keep your chins up!

  15. “Why did all of the raiders have to be hostile? Some should have been perhaps crimianlly motivated, but open to negotiations and trade.
    Thank you

    btw, smiling Jack wasn’t hostile, and it’s not like anyone was inviting the raiders to join up with them.
    It makes it more of a all for one and one for all type of enjoyment.


    Please read that. There are nearly 7000 names on that petition (it went up by 100 in the last 24 hours), and it is all just to get the PS3 DLC. I can understand if Microsoft bought the rights to the downloadable content, but does that mean that PS3 might get a hardcopy of the content?

    Please don’t short change us. One of the reasons I bought Fallout 3 was because I thought that I would be able to carry on, like with Oblivion, for 2 years afterwards with the DLC. But I couldn’t, as I have a PS3…

    Could you please tell me … us … if we will ever get the content?


  17. Oh well, I thought I might try. Doesn’t matter now anyway, Killzone 2 is coming out so I won’t be playing on Fallout for a while.