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  1. Any chance of clarifying the availability (or lack) of any DLC content on the PS3 EVER? Consistently side stepping the issue with non committal statements (such as the one in this interview) does nothing for your credibility. A straight answer would be nice, even if it’s a resounding ‘No’ – at least we’ll know where we stand.

  2. Thats nice and all but something better then all of that and would make us happy is if you guys would tell us the release date…

  3. The stealth armor looks pretty nice, but is completely out of place in Fallout. Much too modern futuristic instead of retro futuristic.

    And I do hope those trees are placeholders, they’re taken straight out of the vanilla game, surely trees looked a bit more alive before the war?

  4. Two issues with those screens

    1. The Chinese Sword held by the guy in the Stealth Suit is a post war sword (seeing as it’s so old and beat up), it should realisiticly be brand new seeing as it’s a simulation during the Post Fallout era…

    2. The Chinese Assault rifle on the back of the Winter Combat armour is the wrong way round (the unholstering and re-holstering animation puts the barrel upwards towards the left shoulder), and floating (it’s not anywhere near his back).

  5. Ignore my 2nd issue, the Chinese Assault Rifle’s holstering animation is over the shoulder so I got that bit wrong (the floating issue is still odd though, but then there is allot of armours that cause that so whatever). The first issue about the Chinese Officer Sword still applies though.

  6. Any word on a date for this, yet? IGN listed Jan 1st, and it clearly wasn’t then…

    And to all you PS3 owners asking about it, try actually reading the article. The DLC will NOT come out for the PS3, just the 360 and GFW.

  7. Feeling pretty shafted on no PS3 F3 DLC. Guess you don’t want our money?

    If this game didn’t rule so hard, I’d swear off Bethesda for this.. Wish I knew how to quit you!

  8. hey its their problem with no DLC 4 ps3 they just wont earn the potential millions of dollars from it so what do they have to lose we’re happy they have money i dont see bethesdas logic in this