Fallout in the Real World: Pip-Boy 30,000


Gear heads, gadgethounds, and even gamers have invaded Las Vegas this week for the annual Consumer Electronics Show. In addition to 150″ TVs, 3D monitors, and MC Hammer, this year’s show gives us a taste of Fallout in the Real World. Joystiq and Engadget have reported on a device from Universal Display Corporation that definitely resembles a Pip-Boy.

Don’t expect to find this device at a Best Buy anytime soon — it’s planned for military use.

Reader Comments

  1. Awesome! I knew you should have made a Pip-Boy and patented it, now you have been scooped! Tell your marketing dept. they missed the boat, just think of all the Fallout fans that will be buying these!

  2. I hope it works better than the POS Bethesda gave us in the Survival Edition. If not, our men are screwed! I’m still waiting for their response on how they’re going to reimburse us for selling everyone a broken clock.