No, that doesn’t stand for Only Xylophone Managers Guard Operating Train Yards. We received the latest issue of OXM and discovered that Fallout 3 was named their 2008 Game of the Year!

In addition to their year end awards, they also look ahead to the games they’re excited for in 2009 (with Fallout 3 DLC coming in at #17). So what game are you looking forward to most in 2009? I listed a few candidates on the current blog poll.

Reader Comments

  1. Congratulations on the OXM Game Of The Year Award Bethesda 😀

    Games am looking forward to are DIABLO III and DAWN OF WAR 2. Keeping my fingers crossed for a end of the year FALLOUT 3 DLC compilation package aswell but I can wait til next year if it comes with an expansion 😀

  2. From the listed Alpha protocol, but the game im waiting for this year is…Legends of Valour 2:The midday.Ouch, that this game isnt planned for this year…ok…then….THE NEXT ELDER SCROLLS…isnt? damm. Well, then Dawn of War 2

  3. Congratulations. I can’t wait for DLC’s. Also me too waiting for Dawn of War II, FEAR 2 and Duke Nukem Forever (I know it won’t be released) in 2009.

  4. Congratulations.

    Any chance there will be news whether there will be a DLC Compilation disc for sale on the Xbox 360, so we can better decide when to buy the DLC?