Fallout 3 Update


Today we’re releasing the Fallout 3 version 1.10 update to PC and Xbox 360 in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish territories. Additionally, if you’ve got a PS3 and are living in one of the aforementioned European territories, the update is coming your way as well.

To download and read the update’s release notes, head over to the Fallout 3 Official Site. PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 users with online connectivity will receive a notification of the update upon starting the game.

Reader Comments

  1. Congratulations and thanks Bethesda for the much worked on anticipated patch not to mention your patience with us raving frothing at the mind howling from the mouth fans 😀

  2. ABOUT DAMN TIME. Has this been tied up in Microsoft’s red tape? Because for a few minor (but important) fixes, this has taken way too long.

  3. Hi,

    can you give a statement about the Austrian version of the patch? Will there be an official Austrian v1.1 or should we use the German version?



  4. What about us here in Japan?

    Bethesda always forget about Japan when it comes to DLC. Oblivion content was never released here and Fallout 3 patch is nowhere to be seen.

    I understand your games are not hot sales here but still there are tons of fans from both franchise that support Bethesda buying their games.

    Everything we ask in return is to be treated just like any other region. We support you here, now please support Japan with DLC and patches.

  5. Well, now don’t slow down, guys ‘n gals, and since there’s still some work to do to stop memory leaks on the PC version with GfWL active, deliver the next one before October, alright? ^^

  6. For many people, this patch doesn’t fix anything. Look at the forums and at the random crashes and problems people are experiencing. Please fix the game once and for all!

  7. I surely hope that Bethesda reads this and that they shift focus on what issues matters to the customers. This patch is a joke compared to the issues list from “The vault”, the forum or other places. It mostly did not cover gamers concerns but rare exploits…

    What we want is:

    – stability: Fix the crashes.
    – performance: Fix the microstutter of Gamebryo engine or work with the developer to do so.
    – reliability: Fix the quests, scripts and events. Nothing is more frustrating than to experience dead end.

    For your next game:

    Up the texture resolution, please. We want high detail textures no muddy washed out surfaces. See the modding community for examples:
    Qarls Texture Pack for Oblivion was great.

  8. Was there ever an announcement as to when the release of the Expansion was (as I think a few websites had dated about the update AND expansion)? I keep hearing rumors of it being on the 27th but I’m not sure If I can believe it.

  9. Ironically enough, my copy was running fine before this patch. Now, I get freezes every 15 minutes. I only got the patch because I heard it would be necessary for the expansion. So please, when you release something, make sure it actually works.

  10. this patch dose not work. I have the 360 version and I am having problems at project purity. After my father dies I leave the room and the game freezes while loading the next area. It still dose the same thing after I apply the patch. dose this mean that I can’t complete the main story line in this game? I am very angry about this.

  11. I got the patch and it just gave me annoying mouse acceleration in Pip-boy and the menu and now the game is unplayable. This sucks.

  12. your response must be to Simo. I don’t think there is any fix for my problem. I have searched on the net and all that people are saying is to start a new game, but I am very reluctant to do that right now. don’t get me wrong I love this game, but to release a game with a glitch as bad as this is unacceptable. In all my years of gaming I have nver encountered a problem like this, especially on a console.

  13. I know gstaff said he would let us know when he had more info about the patch, and thanks for that.
    My issue is that the Anchorage DLC is now available on the marketplace, but because the required patch has not yet been released for the English asia version of the game, I can’t yet purchase it.
    It’s a shame that issues like this will end up alienating an admittedly small but loyal group of Bethesda fans.

  14. waters of life quest for 360 clear project purity of mutant but when i go in theirs only two enclave i whent throw that whole place ten times or more. so i kill them go outside and dads dialog is still the same. my two choices are its not safe yet or im working on it the place is cleard please help i downloaded the update but still nothing.

  15. I am having the exact same problem as nick but on the PS3 rather than XBox 360. As soon as you have to leave the room after your dad dies, the game freezes, and I rebooted the console many times but the problem still occured. What the hell do I do?

  16. ok wtf game won’t start from title screen- i downloaded the update and the patch, but it says i’m missing something called an “ordinal” file. Now f’n what? had this piece for 2 months, can’t play the thing.