Games for Windows LIVE Marketplace & Fallout 3


The 1.1 title update for PC that was just released today also includes an extra feature — it deploys the Games for Windows LIVE Marketplace app that Fallout 3 will use to release downloadable content for the PC. It will appear as a separate application in your Start Menu under Microsoft Games for Windows LIVE. You can also download the app separately from Microsoft’s Games for Windows site.

To access GFWL Marketplace, you will need to join Games for Windows LIVE, which is free. However, if you’re already are a member of Xbox LIVE (silver or gold), you can use your Xbox Live gamertag and login with Games for Windows Live. Think of this as the PC equivalent to Xbox LIVE. It even uses Microsoft points just like Xbox LIVE.

If you log in using your Xbox LIVE gamertag, it will automatically recognize your pool of Microsoft points, too.

The first DLC for Fallout 3, Operation: Anchorage, will be available on Games for Windows LIVE and Xbox LIVE on Tuesday, January 27th.

Reader Comments

  1. I didn’t think to create my Windows Live account until after I had already started playing Fallout… is that going to be a problem for downloadable content? It won’t let me associate my previous saved game with the account.

  2. A little disappointing that Bethesda felt it could not simultaneously develop for the 360 and the PC without submitting to Microsoft’s will regarding the latter and GFWL. Charging for services that PC users always previously received for free and only console users are willing to pay a subscription for? Hey man let us in on that, sounds good!

  3. I’m with Peter. Not only do I not want GFWL, having it wont let me use my old saves. I already used the GFWL remover mod, so I hope that DLC can be bought outside of GFWL. If not, you just lost my money.

  4. unlike these other complainers i cannot not wait. for the past few days i have been scavenging the internet in hopes of a release date and now we got one. its going to be sweet

  5. Agreed on the GFWL. I played for many hours initially without ever logging in. I then decided to check it out and started making an account, since I don’t have an xbox. I didn’t like how it required I log in to continue my saved games, so I removed GFWL entirely and replaced my xlive.dll file. It’s a shame that I will probably have to reinstall my game just to get GFWL to work properly so I can download and pay for this new content. Then, I’ll probably remove it once more after getting the content.

    To those stating they can’t find their previous saved game files. Check out for some help: Specifically:
    “Note that there may be saved game issues if you use Live – check under your (My) Documents/My Games/Fallout3/Saves directory and if there is a subfolder with your Live profile name there, your Live saves will be there – you can transfer your regular saves into your Live folder if you want to play them using Live.”

    Bethesda: please consider selling these downloads outside of GFWL as well.

    Thanks for the otherwise excellent game!

  6. I would like to say that I got the latest patch and now Fallout 3 keeps crashing more frequently. I get to the menu and load my saved game that I started after the patch and then it crashes. Is there anything that can be done to fix this? Another patch or maybe something with the game itself. Also, my pc is more than powerful enough to play it.

  7. So if I use my 360 LIVE log-in info to buy the DLC’s for my PC, will I get the 360 version of the DLC’s as well, since I’m paying the same amount of points and even using the same log-in from my LIVE account?

    I’ve been holding off on buying F3 for the PC, because buying two sets of DLC’s seems ridiculous to me. I do want the PC version (because my PC

  8. Bethesda should please consider selling all 3 DLC outside of GFWL as they did with Knights of The Nine (DLC for TES 4 Oblivion).

  9. this is all a joke… my brother has a 360… dl op anchorage, worked fine right away… my dad has F3 on pc… we dl op anchorage for it… what a joke to even get it to work! especially with “off-live” save files… this is really ridiculous…

  10. I’ve got to say, this is definitely an amazing game, but I think I do need to point out that I am – as well as obviously others are – a little bit shocked at Bethesda’s adoptation of GFWL. Especially when Fallout 3 had already been released through steam. The end effect of forcing GFWL down everyone’s throat is not pleasant for many users. A lot of people report problems with game stability due to the addition of GFWL running while playing the game. Due to the fact that the expanded content is only available through the said Microsoft service, users are forced to run this unstable program add-on (GFWL, not the DLC) and essentially compromise their enjoyment of this otherwise amazing game.

    I just find it shocking that when the Fallout series has been an otherwise exemplary series, that you folks would risk tarnishing it’s name like you’ve quite apparently done. I hate to seem ungrateful, but most people in the IT industry lean toward stability rather than bending to the iron will of a company which basically amounts to an Industry bully. Being an IT professional myself, I can attest to the preference of stability over instability.

    Awesome game, not so awesome partnership choices.

  11. I agree with some other comments – DO NOT WANT GFWL!

    Kill it, kill it now, preferably with the bloody mess perk too, hopefully that’ll stop it from ever appearing again. Then maybe I can nom the GFWL guts.

    Bethesda – get a contract with Steam if you want to charge for DLC or like has been suggested – release it in shops, you know, the things that you walk into and buy stuff from (and not in a virtual sense).

    In the meantime I’ll be finding a way to remove GFWL without messing with those few files that F3 needs to run.

    I love the game but I HATE useless software and GFWT falls under that category.

  12. I really don’t want to buy “microsoft points”, whatever those are. I want to buy expansions to Fallout 3. I don’t really care if it’s on compact disc, downloadable, or whatever. I just want to buy the actual content, not tokens (like back in the old days of arcades). If it’s encumbered by heavy DRM, I’ll definitely skip it. I avoided all the DLC for Neverwinter Nights 1, because it looked like too much of a hassle. Remember: PC users are finicky, and we hate to jump through hoops. Too much hassle, and we’ll jump ship to competitors.

  13. Agreed with Krama. im a huge fallout fan but having no dlc for ps3 in this day and age is a tasteless joke! Ps3 does have an online store! there is no sense in not providing this content to ps3 owners.

  14. I’ll start a new character to see if I can get achievement points. Perhaps I’ll be able to earn 800 in order to get Operation Anchorage? That’d be cool. I’m in no hurry. Any excuse to play FO3 again. This time I’m going evil. No way I’m buying anything through GFWL. Thanks for such an awesome awesome game.

  15. No DLC on PS3 is a BAD move. No matter what they get paid from MS for exclusivity, to totally push PS3 out of the equation is a move that is denying plenty of Fallout 3 fans a fair share of DLC. And no matter of “They get their moneys worth” is going to quell these concerns. Its NOT that PS3 owners AREN’T getting their moneys worth, its that they WANT to get MORE from this amazing game.

    But I understand the importance and hint of “No. Not at that this time.”

    Just have to wait with baited breath.

  16. P.S.: I tought I’m a costumer?
    Not for too long, I will won’t buy any more product from BST*. (((((I tought you want to profit from this not to ruin your company…))))

  17. P.S.

    I’ve finished fallout 3 numerous times without using GFWL, when I tried to use it for the first time, it actually took longer to get it to work than to actually create the game, I’m sure (sarcasm)

    And plus, when I logged on to play AND FINISH THE GAME, my gamertag WAS MISSING and thus had to start the game over… Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just inconvenient..

  18. hi!somebody help.Ive been trying to play (i get the game on the 27 july) the game fallout 3 but nothing happens I try everything it gave me some kind of error