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  1. All of us at the Bethesda Addicts Club are wondering; since the DLC will be a simulation, will we be able to keep the new armor we receive on the DLC, and use it in the main game?

    Awesome Game! Logged well over 300 hours so far, can’t wait for the DLC !!!!

  2. So when the simulation is finished, how is it possible to bring back simulated items into real objects to use in the capital wasteland?

  3. so when your download the DLC will there be a new NPC some where in the wastelands to start it or will there be a new little tab in the main menu to play the DLC

  4. Kill the Adoring Fan,

    This is from the interview:

    GSpy Reader: Will the Operation: Anchorage content be open-ended like in Shivering Isles, or will it be a wholly linear experience akin to not-so-notable downloadable content we’ve seen from other games?

    Jeff Gardiner: Operation: Anchorage is a more linear experience. However, there are decisions to be made within the scope of the content itself. The player has the choice on how to outfit their strike team. They also get to decide how to approach and subdue the Chinese Stronghold, as well as how and if they’ll help the Brotherhood Outcasts. Subsequent DLC, The Pitt and Broken Steel, will contain more open-world gameplay.

  5. will the max level increase if you buy anchorage because you said there will be new perks so my level 20 will be excluded? will you be inc resing the level cap?

  6. With what items do you repair the Guass Rifle & Chinese stealth armor with? Are there any? And will the leveling up limit be raised to 30 or 40 in the 2nd or 3rd DLC?