Jeff answers Operation: Anchorage questions

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As reported last week, for an Operation: Anchorage Q&A with DLC Producer Jeff Gardiner, GameSpy called on forum members to do their dirty work — designating a thread for submitting questions. Over the weekend, GameSpy selected many of the questions and Jeff answered them. Here’s one of the questions that Jeff answered:

GSpy Reader: Will the Operation: Anchorage content be open-ended like in Shivering Isles, or will it be a wholly linear experience akin to not-so-notable downloadable content we’ve seen from other games?

Jeff Gardiner: Operation: Anchorage is a more linear experience. However, there are decisions to be made within the scope of the content itself. The player has the choice on how to outfit their strike team. They also get to decide how to approach and subdue the Chinese Stronghold, as well as how and if they’ll help the Brotherhood Outcasts. Subsequent DLC, The Pitt and Broken Steel, will contain more open-world gameplay.

You can find the rest of the Q&A here. And if you missed it, Operation: Anchorage will be released on Games for Windows LIVE and Xbox LIVE next Tuesday, Jan. 27.

Reader Comments

  1. Why hasn’t the new content been announced for the PS3 version? Is this another instance of Microsoft paying for exclusive content? It would seem like the only logical explanation since Bethesda has supported Oblivion and Fallout (trophies) for PS3.

    I own all 3 consoles, and I purchased Fallout 3 for my PS3. I feel ripped off. I paid the same price for the PS3 version that the 360 version cost, why do I get half the product? Don’t treat half your fanbase as 2nd rate.

    I think it will also hurt sales of Fallout 3 for PS3. Offering DLC gives customers an incentive to hang on to their game, instead of trading it in or selling it on ebay. Lots of used copies available will hurt the sales of new copies.

    Bottom line. I’m not buying 2 copies of the game just to get the DLC. It will also tarnish my view of an otherwise great game and influence future purchasing decisions for games released on either platform by Bethesda.

  2. Whats going on with the no PS3 add on content. I have been a fallout follower since the first one and now you tell me I can’t even play the add on content. Thanks!!!

  3. Will we ever get an honest answer about why you guys hate PS3 users at least? I have a PS3 and a Wii, so I don’t have an option of getting the 360 version even. This + unfixed bugs in the PS3 version of Oblivion (that you did fix in the PC and 360 version) makes me wonder if I shoudl ever buy a Bethesda product again.

  4. garbage. no DLC for 4 ps3. I just traded every BETHESDA game i own in 4 new games, told everyone i know to the same and to never buy one of your products ever again . P.S pull ur hands outta microsofts pocket and do ur jobs

  5. I didn’t know anything about this game before I bought it but I’m glad I did since it’s great. But please release extra content for PS3 customers. I just can’t help feeling that we are being treated unfairly. We get to play one of the best console games yet, but don’t get the add-ons that Xbox customers get? I don’t get why you’d do that.

  6. I would have thought that we could play operation anchorage off line instead of having to be online to play it I will not be getting the other content from windows live . I would have rather had bethesda give us the option to pay at there site and be able to enjoy it off line instead of the frustrating windows live way sorry .

  7. How about getting off Sony’s hump and realizing they have forgotten about gamers. All they care about is their precious blu ray.

  8. Guys, They are ignoring all the PS3 user comments. I have read most of the posts and not one answer for PS3 questions. When someone asks a xbox question it gets answered right away. Face the facts people, they just don’t care. We are wasting time questioning and complaining to them. I’ve learned to accept that fact and move along smartly. Will this stop me from buying their games, no it will not. They make some of the best games. I will just buy the 360 version in the future. For the PS3 users that don’t have a 360, you’ve got a decision to make.

    Thanks Bethesda for the great games!
    I hope TES 5 comes soon!

  9. I think its a shame not to publish the DLC on PS3. I have lots of playing time in Fallout 3 and was really looking forward to the new quests and all. But I’m Still hoping for a change!