Around the web: Obama saves the wasteland edition


Inauguration here in DC has come and gone, and now our new President is hard at work on making change — both in the real world and in the Capital Wasteland. I had a few community members send me messages about the painting made by Dan Lacy. Speaking for everyone here, we’re speechless.

Moving on, two interesting op/eds you might want to read. First, at NPR, writer Glenn McDonald revisits the often brought up argument of whether games can be considered art. In his piece, he argues in favor of games being art and uses Fallout 3 as apart of his argument. Here’s a snippet:

“The images of the decimated DC skyline are genuinely haunting, and console graphics have now evolved to the point where you’re having a very-near-cinematic experience. The game is scored musically, just as a film would be, and the various cut scenes and combat reenactments follow the tropes of action cinema in a knowing “wink-wink” kind of way.”

The other piece I found interesting is Duncan Fyfe’s column at GameSetWatch comparing Fallout 3 to James Joyce’s collection of short stories — called the Dubliners. Previously unfamilar with the stories, I’ll be checking them out soon.

Operation: Anchorage deploying next Tuesday on Xbox LIVE and Games for Windows LIVE, you can now find details of the achievements added to the game.

Award season for 2008 games is nearly wrapped up, but Fallout 3 has taken in a few more honors — including GOTY awards at Yahoo!, GameStooge, and GameWeasel. Elsewhere, Fallout 3 won two Readers’ Choice Awards at 1Up (Best Role-Playing Game and Most Addictive Gameplay) and Best Graphics and RPG of the Year at GameBanshee.

Finally, Wargamer reviewed Fallout 3, awarding it their 5 Stars — Award for Excellence. You can read the review here.

Reader Comments

  1. I hate to bug you about the DLC but what would happen if one has theoretically already cleared out the Outcast headquarters would the Anchorage DLC still be possible or does one have to start a new game?

  2. Rainbows, Unicorns… I think this one was made by someone along the same mentality of a Fark Independentâ„¢

    In any case…. yeeeeah….. o_O

  3. Trust me on this; if you do read Dubliners, don’t be put off by first impressions. James Joyce has an… interesting writing style.

    First time I read another of his books, ‘A Portrait of the Artist’, I hated it. But when I reread it, it suddenly made a lot of sense, and seemed a lot better.