Oblivion – What You Played


One of the interesting data points we receive from our Xbox Live reports is how many players have earned each achievement. This, in turn, helps us figure out how are most people playing the game. So now that we’ve had several million people play Oblivion (while logged onto Xbox Live), this gives us a good pool of data to look at.

What did they play? Here are the quest lines in Oblivion, ranked by percentages of players who finished them.

1. Arena

2. Dark Brotherhood

3. Main Quest

4. Mages Guild

5. Fighters Guild

6. Thieves Guild*

7. Shivering Isles

*Note – Fighters and Thieves were 1 percentage point apart, very close.

Reader Comments

  1. That is pretty cool!
    First I liked the idea of the Arena but when I think back I think the Dark Brotherhood had the coolest quests.

    I caaaaaaaan’t wait for TES:V!!

    So.. between you and me [and everyone at this blog..], any new top secret groundbreaking news about upcomming Elders Scolls: 5?

  2. I always finished the Dark Brotherhood and the Arena quests just because the brotherhood was so much fun and the arena was fairly easy and I liked having people comment on it. I never finished the first quest in the fighters guild because i thought it was boring and the Mage’s guild quests normally got through with recommendations so I could use the altars. Shivering Isles is a must because it is the best line next to the Brotherhood, but the main quest I never finished but once. Just didn’t see the point of going on after you went to the fortress in bruma.

  3. The Dark Brotherhood quest was easily the best…I personally think it rivaled the main quest. The Arena was cool too.

    I’d like to see a stronger and longer main quest. I play TES and Fallout partly for the quests…exploring is fun but if the game doesn’t have any other purpose other than exploration…the games experience just feels lacking. Exploring is better in TES though, there’s more to see and you can spend 10 minutes just looking from a mountaintop. In Fallout, it’s all rocks, dirt and rubble (not that I expected more). But it’s not as rewarding to explore. Scavenging is fun though.

  4. I would easily guess Shivering Isles was really only on the bottom because it didn’t necessarily come with Oblivion, and was an extra DLC some may not have gotten.

  5. i have yet to play shivering isles. its not that i dont want to, its on my hard drive. i spent soooo much time playing oblivion, i wanted to play something else for a while(not to mention the disc read errors are very frustrating with all new equipment/discs). now im stuck on fallout spending soooo much time on it too. i will go back and play shivering isles probably when i finish the fallout dlc. both are excellent games and easily bethesda is one of my favorite developers.

  6. The top two reakly don’t surprise me.

    The Arena quests were simple and quick to do.

    The Dark Brotherhood quests are quite easily my favorite. The most interesting story (more so than even the main quest imho) and some of the best challenges.

    So basically: “Quests that you can complete in one sitting and were easy to complete.” and “Quests that had a great story and a fun twist to them that made you want to go out of your way to do them.”

    Hmm… Seems like there might be a lesson there for developers to think about.

    I kind of wish the numbers were posted along with this so we could see how far ahead of the rest they are.

  7. Ha! I didn’t quite finish any of the faction questlines in my PC play-throughs, stopping just shy of the final stage in each. Now that I have the game on the 360, I’m being baited by this post into playing them fully through, just to collect the achievements! 😀

  8. I found the Arean was good for easy money and brought up your skills, however to me it lacked length. Dark Brother had some nice mometns that were kinda Hitman style. Fighter and Mages’s guild storylines were a little to basic in that there were faction wars that did n’t have as much depth. Main Quests were Main Questsy. It’ ironic how Martin never really became emperor.

    If you do use the information for TES: V just make more quests and add the depth you guys have to eveything.

  9. OMG, there better be an elder scrolls 5. i loved all of the elder scrolls games, for xbox, and xbox360. my fav, was the shivering isles quest, and the dark brotherhood…and the thieves guild. the mages and fighters..not so much. they just were a little boring to get into to much. the main quest to me, was a little bit of a waste of time. i only finished it once. its a nice story, but its just not…that fun to do. plus it’s just about impossible to find ur way around in oblivion…anywayzz i would LOVE for there to be a new elder scrolls. i’d like it if there was more…well more like and everyday life sort of thing. not boring, but still like an everyday thing. like buying houses, dating maybe, love sort of stuff to make it interesting. along with all of the fighting and stuff. like “gangs” possible, or more heinous crimes..like planned out. and maybe different jobs for you to take, and keep up with. just more realistic, but all the same keeping the “elder scrolls” sort of life everyones used to

  10. like more interaction with the character’s in the game. NOT an mmo, and not really multiplayer…just more interaction, and option for interaction with other characters..sorry this was supposed to go in the last post i made

  11. All of them were equally amazing (thieves guild was fantastic). I can´t wait until the DLC is available for the PS3. Hope this occurs before TES:V…

  12. My first couple runs through I finished them all, but after awhile I found both the fighters guild and mage guild quests not only boring but unrewarding haha. If I pick up the game now I usually just join up so I can hock all their stuff ad turn their food into potions for my alchemy leveling.

  13. I played the Arena first, but I got boring since all enemies where equally strong. But it was a great way to earn some money so I could buy a decently good sword right from the beginning.

    I played the Dark Brotherhood second and then the Mages guild -> Thieves Guild -> Main Quest -> Fighters Guild -> Shivering Isles

    The Dark Brotherhood was my favorite though – Cool missions with lot’s of choice in gameplay. Plus a very intriquing story. Congratz Emil

  14. TES: V is so long away…2010. I know it’s only a year…but 2010 is just a rough estimate…it could be 2011 or 2012 if development hits a snag.

  15. I have the ps3 edition, i did every single quest in the game, same for fallout 3 (got all the trophy’s) I love your games just wish you would treat ps3 owners better…

  16. What a cool topic. Personally, I can’t believe that the Dark Brotherhood quests were not first. They are the best side quests of any RPG I have ever played. Great memories! You need to have some sort of Dark Brotherhood questline in Fallout 3! Blowing up Megaton is a good start, but we need more quests from a sweet villain like Burke!!