Fallout 3 nominated for 8 Interactive Achievement Awards


The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) has announced their 2008 Interactive Achievement Award nominees. We were excited to learn that Fallout 3 was nominated in eight categories, including the following:

  • Outstanding Achievement in Gameplay Engineering
  • Outstanding Achievement in Original Story
  • Role-Playing Game of the Year
  • Computer Game of the Year
  • Outstanding Achievement in Game Design
  • Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction
  • Console Game of the Year
  • Overall Game of the Year

The AIAS award winners will be announced at this year’s D.I.C.E. Summit on February 19th.

Reader Comments

  1. Great Albert Einstein! It must be true then Bethesda products are more then just games! They are soothing stimulating works of fundamental psychological emotionally primal mesmerizingly phenomenal VENTILATION!

  2. This will probably never be read by anyone, but I felt compelled to share my frustration and disapointment with this game. I don’t think I would feel so disapointed if I didn’t like the game so much. I was ready to name it the best game of all time right up until the ending. And thats just the problem. It ended. My whole motivation for beating the game revolved around activating the G.E.C.K. so I could impose some greenery on the situation and then run around, do some side missions, and admire my handywork feeling like a hero. To have the game just end like that was very disapointing. I haven’t played it since.

  3. Wow… there must not have been any competition this year. Oblivion was pretty good, Fallout 3 was incomplete and wretch compared to the originals. Hell, the community fixed more stuff than BethSoft did.

    Way to let the fans finish your work.

  4. I swear if I ever work in the videogame industry…the first place I’ll apply is at Bethesda. They do nothing but great work and they actually care about their games. They don’t make lackluster games that are boosted into greatness by multiplayer. I hate games like that…and it seems like more and more developers keep cranking those out. But not Bethesda. Keep up that image guys, it’s nice to see a developer that can deliver quality and quantity.

  5. I have just finished fallout three for the first time & I found the ending a bit of an anticlimax. Was going to play through again as I am sure there is far more to do than I found. Are there many alternative endings?

  6. Wow, I hope you lose all 8 awards. 3 months since launch and I still can’t play the PC version for longer than 20 minutes without a CTD thanks to your bugged out game. Way to release a patch that addresses NONE of the issues actually brought to you by the fans.

    What the hell, do we have to sue you to get you to fix the game? Putting “Optimised for multi-core cpus” on the box, when it is quite clearly not (go have a look at your tech support forums for proof. Seems that the vast majority of people with crash problems own quad-core cpus) leaves you in a very actionable position.

    Bethesda, the only thing we should be hearing from you is that you are actually working on the SERIOUS AND SIGNIFICANT FLAWS in the software, which are unacceptable from such a major developer as yourself.

  7. Well, you might deserve some awards but certainly not the one called “Outstanding Achievement in Original Story”. Sorry folks, I really enjoyed Fallout 3. But I haven’t seen such a terrible main story, awkward dialogues and lack of subtlety in a game since ages.
    Your main problem with your games since Morrowind (I haven’t played the ones you’ve made before) is clearly in the poor writing of the main story, the dialogues, the poor NPCs. I must recognize that you have slightly progressed since Morrowind, but if we compare this to games like Mass Effect, The Witcher of even GTA, you’re still light years behind them. That’s a shame because a solid main story, great dialogues and enticing NPCs in such great open ended and consistent universes in which you’re so good to make would certainly end up in some of the greatest games of all times.

  8. According to me, you deserve the most of these awares.
    I bought Fallout 3, and it’s a great game, a great work. A such “perfect” (almost ;p) game, I haven’t seen that for a long time ago!
    Never loadings, no boring DVDprotection (just install and play!), freedom on the map, the atmosphere, not many bugs… maybe the game is “short” (level 20 is quickly reached), and maybe lack of “psychology” for dialogs ? but I’m very satisfied, so congratulations and thanks for this great success! =)
    I hope you continue like that!
    Thank you!