Operation: Anchorage lands on Xbox LIVE, GFW LIVE


Fallout 3’s first DLC, Operation: Anchorage, is now available for download for Games for Windows LIVE and Xbox LIVE users. To celebrate the occasion, we’ve released a new trailer for the content.

On both GFW LIVE and Xbox LIVE, Operation: Anchorage costs 800 points. If you’re looking to purchase the content on PC, make sure you have a GFW LIVE account. For more information on this, head here. Those playing on Xbox 360 can purchase the game via Xbox LIVE, or visit the online marketplace. If you purchase from the latter, your content will be available to download the next time you boot up your Xbox 360.

Once your content has downloaded, you should be able to access Operation: Anchorage from any current save file for Fallout 3 (note: if this is your first time using Games for Windows LIVE, please refer to this blog post). Once you’ve loaded a game save, you should receive a Pip-Boy message stating:

Alert!: A new radio broadcast has been heard across the Capital Wasteland. It sounds like a distress call, but seems meant for certain ears only.

Following this, you’ll get a quest notification for “Aiding the Outcasts.” If you make this your active quest in your Pip-Boy 3000, your World Map will point you to where you need to go.

Reader Comments

  1. Hello everyone,

    Operation: Anchorage released on Asia as well

    But due to the fact that Bethesda hasn’t released the 1.1 patch in Asian regions, players who purchased the DLC (and are playing with an NTSC/J Xbox 360 and Fallout 3) via the Asian Marketplace cannot access the DLC no matter what they do, even though the game will display the “Loading Extra Content” message upon start up and the Download menu in the Main Menu shows Operation: Anchorage being successfully integrated with the game. The radio message to start off the quest chain simply will not come, no matter what is done. To date, there is no fix for it though Bethesda as stated on their official forums that they are looking into things and will make an announcement soon.

    As of 1/28/09, a day after the official release, Operation Anchorage has been removed entirely from the Asian Xbox Live Marketplace. No explanation has been given by Microsoft or Bethesda, though one might assume the compatibility issue was the problem. To date, there has been no word on whether early Asian adopters of the DLC will be refunded for the purchase. One may also assume that the content being a Chinese invasion of Alaska, might have also been offending material as warfare is a sensitive issue…

    Bethesda,can you release a newsletter/press that tell all Asian player what’s happening and WHAT IS THE SOLUTION?

  2. Awesome DLC!! I’m starting a new character to go back, since I was only able to find 8 of 10 Intel, and I want that perk! Great job Bethesda!

  3. I downloaded it today, February 4, for my Korean XBox 360 with the Asian version of the game. It is very much still available for download in Asia. Yet, it still doesn’t work without the patch. So, I wasted the points over a week after they knew the problem existed.

    Never again will I buy a Bethesda game.

  4. now is the 3rd of FEB …and Bethesda havent release the patch for asian region ….i ve been downloading since day 1 and spent 3 hrs to locate the dlc and no notifications was made that we need to install the patch 1.1

    and until now still havent played AA DLC even teh game is there …come on bethersda be fair ..and i didnt get my MS point back …

  5. I also would rather pay the $10 instead of dealing with Windows Live. Any other future Op Anchorage sales in the offing?