Update on The Elder Scrolls Fan Union


Back in June, we posted about The Elder Scrolls Fan Union, who were working on a Morrowind mod project to bring community members into the game as NPCs. I recently checked in with members from the site about their progress and received the following email (thanks Ibis), written by BGS forum member redsrock.

If you’re interested in joining the project, head here.

Take it away, Redsrock…

The TESFU Town Mod Project is going rather well. Somewhat naturally slow due to us not having a whole lot of modders on the job, but as they say…slow and steady wins the race. And for what we lack in numbers we more than make up with quality. Ibis at the helm is doing a tremendous job of keeping everything organized, as well as keeping tabs on everyone else’s duties. She is truly a wonderful Director/modder, and the mod definitely wouldn’t be alive without her.

There are some specifics to talk about, so I’ll get right to that. Some of the larger buildings that have yet to be finished are the Book Store/Mage Tower, which is going to have a mix of a Telvanni and Egyptian motif interior. Another is the Healer Cottage, where our member Nilloc James will act as its doctor, and will live upstairs in his office. He also has a nurse, who is as of now is an NPC. The tileset for the cottage’s interior, once finished, will be a tan-ish color.

There have also been a number of buildings finished as well, such as the Dragon Break Inn and the West Guard Tower. Also, the very cool Brian S (pretty much TESFU’s own warrior-poet) has a neat little pawn shop. It was the first building finished, but it still needs to be stocked with the items for sale.

Lettuceman44, the current Admin of the TESFU Forums, is currently working on his NPC’s house. All in all, roughly 1/3 to1/2 of all the building’s interiors have been finished, pending on whether or not we need to add anything else to them. Lettuce’s title now is Duke and he is officially in charge of Neacrythe’s total military, including the city’s defenses. Lettuce is also the mod’s head Scripter and that is why the Quest Writers get his approval to make sure the quests are doable in a Morrowind mod.

Thankfully the activity in creating our mod’s many quests has been wonderful for a good while now. Nilloc James is in charge of all quests. (though he does have to get them all approved by Lettuceman44 as well) He’s doing a tremendous job thus far, and shows great dedication to the project. One of our cooler quests involves the PC finding a multi-colored Guar who can be milked for chocolate milk. It’s a very neat quest created by our member WhyAitch. There’s more to it than that, but I don’t want to give anymore away than I already have.

And I think that’s the coolest part about our quests, and our mod in general. Many of them have references to our members from the forum and how we act with one another. A while back we had a sort of fishy-stick war, in which several members came up with their own version of the fishy-stick. We’ve had Boom Sticks, Ninja Sticks, Samurai Sticks, and also my very own Mozzarella Sticks and Kool-Aid. (I know…original, huh?)

This is the point of our mod. We want to be as creative as possible and construct an awesome atmosphere and adventure for those playing it, but this is also a way for us to display the history of TESFU. All in all, the mod is coming along marvelously. I myself am gathering fanfics/lore articles/poems/etc for the mod, but the real credit goes to various members of the community that have participated. If you visit our forums, I think you’ll see that they’re a great group to work with. Without them, this mod would be going nowhere  fast.


Reader Comments

  1. Yes, we thank you again Gstaff for a great Bethesda Blog about TESFU Town Mod and our recent progress.

    I have more exciting news – we are getting more and more town NPCs who are also members of Great House Fliggerty website, including Fliggerty himself. So a large house near the MageTower that has an upper 2 story house and under it 4 interconnected apartments is going to be named Great House Fliggerty in Neacrythe. And the Fliggtarian NPC’s will live there.

    Other websites where we have member NPCs from are Chorrol.com, Gamersroam, Literure, The Hermetic Synod and Osiris’ Chieftains Chambers. There are probably others but those are the ones I am aware of. And of course almost all, if not all, of these wonderful people are members at Bethesda Game Studios Forum, the place that has brought us all together in this wonderful world of Nirn. So thanks most of all to Bethesda!

  2. Woah. Got a little excited there seeing, “The Elder Scrolls” for a second. Thought it would be something about the Fifth one, but uh… oh well. 😉

  3. I did the exact same thing Mr. Tissue Box… Oh well, I guess I shouldn’t be expecting any announcement really until they are done with their big 3 dlc content things, and maybe then it will still be only a mention of a full expansion to Fallout or something. I can always hope though, and obsessively check this website…

  4. For those who don’t know, James is our font of sarcasm. Which will reflect favorably in many of our Town Mod Quests.

    For you guys waiting for TES:V news like the rest of us; why not have some fun with Morrowind Mods while you wait? Mods are the extra beauty of The Elder Scrolls series and the guarentee that they shall never die.

  5. Thanks Gstaff for looking into our little project going on at TESFU! It’s nice to see Bethesda go out into the community and bring everyone else up to pace as to what others are doing!

  6. Pretty cool news I believe it would be possible though but seeing as it would take quite some artists to get it done, it could take sometime.An alternative to bring the persons into the game might be to make a persons economy digital instead. My name is blue of excitement for this one :D.

  7. GStaff and fellow TESFU members, I apologize that I’ve been away awhile on personal business; but I am back and still interested in our Neacrythe project. If anyone else is still, please let me know. I’m going to visit the site now. Nice to be back.