Weapons Modification mod impresses developers


In about a two minute span, I received emails from five developers about how awesome Antistar’s Weapon Mod Kits is, saying, “Whoa…you have to put this up on Bethblog!”

As the title suggests, Weapon Mod Kits allows you to trick out guns found in the wastleland with silencers, extended magazines, auto-fire mechanisms, laser sights and scopes.

Antistar has a couple other mods worth checking out at Fallout 3 Nexus. His Household Water Purifier mod installs a purifier in your Megaton/Tenpenny home that allows you to convert dirty water into clean water. You’ll also want to download his Nightvision Goggles mod, which use up Energy Cells you find in the wasteland.


Makes me think of the beginning of Waterworld…


I’ll become the Night….the passionate, passionate Night Man.

Great stuff!

Reader Comments

  1. You know Beth, it wouldn’t be very far fetched for, in say a year to package up player made mods for release on the consoles. You could do that almost immediately for Oblivion. Makes me wonder why this hasn’t been implemented already. Perhaps, even though you own the assets we create for your games, maybe you just don’t want to PO anybody in the community by making money off their works and that is commendable but it’s not like anyone in the PC community would have to pay for it and it wouldn’t even be seen at all by the console owners without your intervention. To avoid any gruff from us you could just open a thread in the forums listing the mods you would like to include in the console DLC and take consent and submissions from the original modders.

    I know, I’m sure this has crossed your conference table more than once and probably seemed to be more trouble than it’s worth but I believe the community would get behind you on this if for no other reason than to slow the flow of “why can’t i get player mods on my Xbox” complainers.

    Anyway as a loyal customer and someone that holds you in the utmost highest regard (there is no better game dev in all the world, imho) and someone that considers himself to be very in tune with the community, I ask of you this;

    Please keep this on the back burner and find a way to make it happen. 99.9% of the modders in this community want only for their name to be known for that which they share and at the same time (as is evident with the release of Fallout 3) we REALLY do love you for the games you give us. With the exception of a few miscreants we ALL want you to grow and make more money so we can have more(ie: faster production times), bigger and better games.

    I am a logical thought purist and have no illusions whatsoever that we the the MC, come second to the business method that has made you what you are today. I can envision the possibility that were you to change that method then perhaps the right formula would no longer be present. I trust you to do what is best for you and keep’em coming for years to come.

    I hope that each and every employee at Bethesda Softworks takes pride in the fact(I know I do) that as a large corporation in the middle of the big business world you have retained what very few of your peers have…integrity and vision.

    Thank you for the miraculously entertaining 7 years I have enjoyed thus far and here’s to 7 more.


    P.S. still waiting on my Bethesda gear, TES, Fallout and Bethesda T-shirts, hooded sweat shirts and hats would sell like hot cakes and would also help us to identify each other in the real world. Seriously, in 7 years I have yet to meet more than three of my brethren in person.

  2. Worm,

    Thanks for the kind words and feedback. At this time, releasing player mods on Xbox 360 isn’t really something that’s possible.

    Thanks for your continued support!

  3. Oh come on… you can’t just immediately dismiss it out of hand. It’s a solid fact that if someone has Fallout for their PC (much like Oblivion and Morrowind) then it will come with a whole portfolio of mods. Now, many of these may be the minor mods, but a good number of them are considered standard amongst the community (HGEC, Apacchi’s goddess store and Obscuros Oblivion Overhaul). I myself re-bought Oblivion for the PC just so I could lay my hands on these mods and play through them, and they make a massive difference when compared with the bog standard version of Oblivion.

    Surely releasing the cream of the crop of player made mods every month on XBL wouldn’t be too hard? It would stop those that can’t afford such a powerful rig to enjoy the games from feeling left out and would generate far more interest (if we take an economics points of view) from those that don’t have the game if they know that the game isn’t going to be abandoned a year or two after it’s launch.

  4. I just saw this last night, and I can only say that I’m extremely flattered and proud to catch the attention of some of the Bethsoft people. Glad you like the mod. 🙂

    Perhaps it’s time I refreshed my info in regards to the job application I sent to Bethsoft a few months back. 😉 (I lost my level design job to downsizing a little while ago, and – well – I can imagine no other place I’d rather work than Bethsoft).

    Unsubtle mercenary matters aside – thanks again: I’m very flattered. 🙂

    – Antistar

  5. I can’t claim to understand the technical intricasies of making computer mods work for the consol versions of the games(Oblivion and Fallout) but wouldn’t it be possible to make some sort of Community Downloadables kind of thing, where people on the computer can upload their mods into the system, which would then allow us consol users to enjoy the same kinds of things that those on the computer enjoy. I love all the games you guys have made, but I can’t afford a computer sophisticated enough to play the computer versions of these games. And maybe it isn’t possible at all, but still it would make all of us consol gamers super happy if it could be done.

    Much love to Bethesda


  6. i third that motion of adding community created content to the consoles. and don’t say its “impossible” i guarantee if you posted a thread over on bethsoft.com asking the original modders permission, i’m sure they would be happy to have their mod released to the consoles. in fact, i’m sure some would be thrilled. and the community would be thrilled. and yes we’d all even pay money for these!!!

  7. I would love for mods to be supported on the console versions of Fallout 3.

    I used Morrowind and Oblivion on the PC with literally thousands of megabytes worth of mods, but I find that I enjoy playing these games on consoles instead. I feel more comfortable and I don’t have to stay in the same mouse & keyboard position throughout my session.

    I do believe it is possible to make mods for the consoles. The PS3 is already doing that with Unreal Tournament 3. You can download a bunch of mods, including maps, game types, weapons etc.

    I realize Oblivion and Fallout 3 are much more bigger, and thus more complicated, but the possibility remains.

    Whatever Bethsoft decides I still look forward to your future games and possible console mod support.

    Thanks for the wonderful 15 years of gaming… Boy I miss TES Arena.

  8. Oh and btw next time don’t sell out to Microsoft please. I have supported your company for a long time now and I can’t help but feel discarded at times, with the message Bethsoft is sending in regards to DLC.

    This isn’t something I can’t get past but it does give me food for thought about Bethena’s business practices.

  9. Why is having selected player mods up for download for the 360 impossible. If it’s an Xbox live matter, just make it so it’s done by using a thumb drive and your site.

    If that’s not the reason, is it unlikely because of technical or legal challenges?

  10. It’s worth thinking about, at least. I don’t think a game company rolling fanmade content into an expansion for a game it offers is unheard of (Counter-strike, for instance is pretty much the ur-example of this).

    For security do you mean for the game itself or the xbox console (something like the Twilight Princess glitch for the gamecube that allows for installing homebrew software).

    Working with the community on this could be a good decision for both parties. If only because I would think it’s a good way of finding new talent.