Around the web: Up close and personal with Pete

Here’s the latest news I found on Fallout 3 around the web.

Reviews for Operation: Anchorage are showing up on a number of sites — including Blast Magazine, 360 Evolved, Worth Playing, Xbox360Achievements, GameFocus, Gaming-Age, and Destructoid. Here’s an excerpt from Destructoid’s review:

“I’m pleased overall with what has been released. The changes in gameplay are refreshing and the challenge level which results from them make it a satisfying experience. It is not painfully difficult, just pleasantly so, and its running time of roughly three hours is long enough to be enjoyable without becoming monotonous. And some of the gear you acquire for having completed it is pretty damn cool too. If you enjoyed Fallout 3, this is a worthwhile investment.”

The Chinese New Year began last week, and to celebrate the Year of the Ox, Game Daily has a feature on Ten of Video Games Most Lovable Lummoxes — with Fallout 3’s Fawkes making their list. By their definition, an Ox is a “big, lovable lummoxes who can take and give out punishment with the best of them.” I’m not sure that Fawkes would want to be put in this list. Sure he’s a Super Mutant, but he does like spending his time reading and visiting the Museum of History.

Finally, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the video interview shown above that Pete did for HipHopGamer. Pete discusses his gaming roots, DLC, the possible of a “one console future” and more.

Reader Comments

  1. Wasn’t Fawkes a “she” rather than a “he?” I think that was revealed on a computer terminal near where you find that individual, and Fawkes also mentions he/she thinks he/she may have been a woman before becoming a mutant in dialogue at some point.

    But I don’t know if that makes it officially so.

  2. Out of curiosity, what was the “gamer on the street” fan question? I only ask because it has been quite clearly cut from this video, so I can only assume that it’s something negative that you don’t want post on your site.

    Anyone know where there’s a link to the original that I can look at just to satisfy my curiosity?

  3. Would be nice if

    A) You didn’t make PS3 owners feel like dog crap on the heel of your shoe

    B) You actually printed comments that are critical of Bethesda. A case of Bush-itis methinks.

  4. I’m pretty sure that IS the original. If you look at the person who put it on youtube its the interviewer himself(themselves). It was probably an editing mistake on their part.

  5. ‘Any load time or framerate stays up…’

    As a ps3 owner i can say… we understand slow downs what we dont like is the fact you havent managed to continue the game without forced restarts and your support wont talk to us. Give us fair treatment support talk to us and perhaps you might get less complaints.

  6. That’s the only version of the video I’ve seen. It cut off for me as well, and I didn’t see the full video on their site.

    @scribb: Fawkes is a man. Emil confirmed this when I asked him.

  7. The full interview is up at the Hip Hop Gamer website. I did have to laugh at Peeeeeeete Hines in da house! 😀
    *throws shapes*

    @ Murton, Zorbane, you can see the answers yourself on the original videocast. It was clearly an editing mistake. The missing questions are: pitch your ideal game (he’d like an X-Com UFO Defence’ tactical combat/strategy game); what got you into game development? (he was a part-time writer for Adrenaline Vault, and wanted the chance to combine his full-time PR role with his gaming hobby); and who would you like to shout out to? (he’d like to thank everyone who bought the game and the DLC).

  8. In reference to what Pete Hines was saying about having one platform, I wrote you a couple years ago about Bethesda Soft working together with Microsoft to come up with a laptop made specifically for playing Bethesda Games – can we be looking for it? Even my namesake laptop (the mALX) couldn’t do justice to Oblivion, and my work frowns on me carrying my 360 into the office.

  9. Man I must be alone in that I can’t friggin’ stand operation anchoage. I LOVE Fallout 3, but O.A. changes to whole feel of the game. One thing I really missed. Was the ability to ransack your victims. It was like a lottery. I mean, what am I gonna get? A new gun, new armor, stimpack, etc… Then there’s the deal with the health and ammo stations. How gay was that. Kill a few guys run back to the aid staion and reload. I found myself doing this ofgten. I play on the Very Hard setting. Makes it interesting. Buy taking out the ability scrounge for ammo and health I found myself doing A LOT of running back and forth. Visualy it was awesome loved the snow and ice, and the story was o.k.. But the rest was terrible. I want my $10.00 back. It wasn’t worth it. I’d pay $100.00 for Fallout 3, and I intend to get the Pitt DLC, but really disapointed with Operation Anchorage. Looks like I’m in the minority. Btg for what its worth still love your stuff.

  10. “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.”
    Sometimes I just hate YouTube. Thanks Princess Stomper for the reference I’ll try too dig it there.