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At X-Play there’s two new Fallout 3-related videos up this week. Above you, can find their video titled, “Five Thing We Love About Fallout.” Additionally, they have a video showing off recommended PC mods created by G.E.C.K. users.

More Operation: Anchorage reviews are making their way online — including reviews at Joystiq and GamePro. Here’s an excerpt from the latter:

Gameplay is classic Fallout 3, but with enough tweaks to feel like you’re almost playing a different game. In virtual Alaska health and ammo aren’t picked up from the enemy (which disappear Matrix-style when killed) but from dispensers located at random locations. New weapons, including the powerful Gauss rifle, are now available and gamers will also get a chance to work with and command NPC’s. Other gameplay elements like the barren, snow filled setting and unique enemies like the stealth camo wearing Crimson Dragoons are not only welcome, but feel like a tip of the hat to other classic games (Metal Gear Sold/Gray Fox anyone?)

In another Anchorage news, the guys over at IGN have put up a walkthrough guide for the DLC.

Finally, at File Planet, voting has commenced for their PC GOTY, which includes Fallout 3.

Reader Comments

  1. Hello, would just like to make you aware that a lot of people, myself included, are complaining about the 1.1 patch nerfing VATS and some accuracy perks. There is a thread at the forums:

    I don’t mind if you delete this post but please get the message through to someone influential and get this problem fixed as it’s ruining a great game and has stopped me from buying Operation Anchorage – I’m a PC player and have gone back to the old patch in which VATS worked. This is a sales and PR issue and must be moved on swiftly – the simplest thing to do is to announce that a hotfix is coming, or that you are at least aware of the problem.

  2. Hello,

    Can I suggest the creation of a support group for ladies like me who have lost a loved one to Fallout 3?

    I live with my boyfriend and the only 3 activities he engages in anymore are Fallout, Sleep and Work. For sustenance, he fills up his F3 lunchbox with assorted snacks and keeps it by his side when he’s playing.

    I am a gamer myself and I get that F3 is probably a great game. In truth, I can’t even get 5 minutes on the XBox these days, so I can’t really tell. It’s gotten that bad.

    What upsets me the most is that I introduced my boyfriend to Bethesda games. I brought Oblivion and Morrowind into our home when all he was playing at the time were non-RPG titles. He got a taste for Oblivion, sure. But it was never like this. I feel betrayed and confused. Why would Bethesda do this to me?

    I miss my boyfriend. What happened to the love and Xbox we used to share? It apparently got blown up with Megaton.

    Thanks for your concern,

  3. ok I am having extremely alot of problems because I cant seem to get the operation anchorage!!!! it tells me to go to games for windows live marketplace add-ons and there was no add-on for fallout 3 wtf?