What we’re playing: Going back to old favorites edition


Taking a glance at the emails developers sent me for “What we’re playing” this week, I noticed that many players are going back to some of their old favorites. With oodles of new content coming to Burnout Paradise, I’ve noticed a couple guys are playing that — including myself. There’s also folks playing games they never got around to — like Chrono Trigger and Grim Fandango. Then there are guys going back to play our games: whether it’s Gary’s checking Morrowind mods or other members of the team catching up on Fallout 3 and Oblivion.

And while Tim Lamb didn’t send a submission in, I can only guess that he’s still playing Call of Duty 4.

Here’s the rundown of what we’re playing. Have a great weekend.

Gary Noonan, Animator: Morrowind and a world of plugins. Special shout out to the MGE gang. Fantastic addition to Morrowind.

Ryan Ashford, Programmer: TF2, Grim Fandango (yes!), and potentially something from my collection of unopened games.

Craig “Claff” Lafferty, Producer: Burnout Paradise, World of Warcraft, COD: World at War.

Sam Bernstein, QA: Fallout 3, Orange Box, Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, and Auditorium.

Fred Zeleny, Quest Designer: Fall From Heaven 2, Rock Band 2, and celebrating my birthday, too!

Nate Purkeypile, Captain of the Seven Seas: Call of Duty: World at War, World of Goo, Dawn of War 2 Beta and TF2.

Chris Esko, Gameplay Programmer: Now that Operation: Anchorage is out, I’d like to restart Fallout 3 as an evil ninja. Also playing a couple of games I picked up cheap last week, Titan Quest and Ratchet: Deadlocked.

Matt Killmon, Video Producer: Fallout 3, LittleBigPlanet.

Ruben Brown, QA Project Lead: Halflife 2, God of War 2

Pete Hines: Fallout 3, World at War, Far Cry 2, Dawn of War II beta.

Andrew Scharf, QA: Mirror’s Edge, Left 4 Dead, Persona 4, Fallout 3 DLC.

Jeff Gardiner, Producer: Neverwinter Nights 2:  Mask of the Betrayer, Kings Bounty.

Ashley Cheng, Production Director: GTA4, King’s Bounty (if I can figure out where to get it)

Aaron Mitschelen, QA: Rock Band 2, WoW, LotRO, World in Conflict, Ar Tonelico 2.

Michael Lattanzia, QA: Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box (PC), The Last Remnant, Monster Hunter Freedom 2, Gears of War 2, and Animal Crossing: Wild World.

Matt Weil: Project Reality (v.85!), Dawn of War 2, Mount & Blade

Dane Olds, Artist: Dawn of War II Beta, Chrono Trigger DS.

Rob Clark, QA: Halo Wars Demo, Half-Life: Episode 1, WoW, CoD:World at War.

Orin Tresnjak, Graphics Programmer: Burnout Legends, Lock’s Quest, Fallout 3

Matt Grandstaff, Community Manager: LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2, Burnout: Paradise, Fallout 3, Oblivion.

Reader Comments

  1. With the slip of the new DLC for fallout 3 I also decided to play a few different games, my Oblivion addiction has kicked back in, I was doing to so well, nearly 2 months on the wagon. Anyway I also went back to playing Mass Effect which is one of my all time favorite games. Anyways byes for now.

  2. A little bit of Oblivion on PS3. I have Oblivion on PC but picked up a copy of it on PS3 at Circuit City for $15 but since the store is going out of business, it was 60% off so it was $9.74 lol. Been playing GTA4 a lot lately, can’t wait for the DLC next week.