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  1. So are there plans to release this via disc, steam or somehow on the PS3, or are people who don’t use LIVE just shut out of further content?

  2. The contact link gave me a 404 so I decided to just comment on this, sorry. Today I was watching futurama season 2 disc 1 episode 1 “I Second That Emotion” and Fry said “Wow you worship an unexploded nuclear bomb!” So I thought hmm sounds like that cult in Megatown. So I thought to ask if anyone at bethesda is a futurama fan. I would also like to thank you for Fallout 3 a truly amazing game.


    P.S. Sorry once again for being off topic…

  3. I’d enter if it didn’t mean creating a forum account and posting ten times.

    “Listen, Dave, I agreed to give this kinky stuff a try. But you never mentioned anything about an adjustable spanner and my nipples.”

  4. Power Suit Facing Away: “Hurry-up and get Frank out of the suit Corporal!”

    Frank: “Sorry Serge, I didn’t have to go before.”

  5. Oooooooooooook seriously getting annoyed here. Have you got something against the ps3 bethesda? Or cant you be bothered working with the PS3s SUPERIOR system and your gonna stick with something you know? Come on your actually LOSING money here there’s hundreds of thousands of ps3 gamers who will buy this DLC and the others coming out let alone the oblivion DLC as well! I don’t care if i sound crazy, obsessed or otherwise condemned to a mental hospital on this or any other of the blogs I’ve posted on i am really CENSORED ANNOYED!! Seriously Bethesda. What…..The….HELL!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone else is ticked of about this send your Name or PSN ID to [email protected] and i will post a list of ALL the people who feel the same way!

  6. Disclaimer: This in no way changes my feelings about the PS3 DLC or lack of.

    Sorry about the previous comment your a great company you just need to get working on the ps3. Apart from that you really dont deserve angry idiots like me yelling and screaming at you. Ill start concentrating my anger on my dysfunctional family instead of you. PS. PLEASE get that DLC on the PS3 soon!!

  7. So why is it again that those of us with a PS3 are getting the shaft? Even though we paid for the game like everyone else.