G.E.C.K. Quick Tips #3: Weapon Creation Pt. 1


This week we’ve got a new G.E.C.K. Quick Tip on the basics of weapon creation. In this video, Level Designer Phil Nelson takes you through the steps of modding a Combat Shotgun to make it a Grenade Launcher.

Take it away Phil…

One of the more robust systems in Fallout 3 is the one we use for weapon creation, which makes it easy for the rapid prototyping and production of unique weapons. With this system, designers can whip up a new weapon quickly and have a good amount of time left for testing and balancing them. The end result: more kick ass weapons get into the game.

Our first Fallout 3 DLC, Operation: Anchorage, is an excellent example ohow we were able to create some great weapons, like the Gauss Rifle, in a short period of time. This also happens to be my favorite G.E.C.K. system to abuse, which is why I decided to do a tutorial on the basics.

To show everything in one video would take considerably longer then a quick tip would allow, so in this first example I show some of the easier steps and teach you how to turn our basic combat shotgun into a grenade launcher. I hope you enjoy it.

Reader Comments

  1. Thanks, Phil. I have a couple of questions:
    1. Does the damage per second determine how powerful the weapon is? I based mine on a missile launcher, but I don’t want it to be much more powerful than just throwing grenades
    2. the Damage bit next to the Health bar, is that how much damage the weapon itself takes? The Damage Per Second bar is greyed out on my weapon. How do I get to change it?
    Many thanks, again, for making such a useful tutorial.

  2. From Phil:

    1. As Qzilla said, the DPS is just a calculation to let you know about how powerful the weapon will be. The easiest way to change it is by altering the damage.

    2. The health represents the weapon’s base/starting condition, a higher number here means the weapon will degrade more slowly. You can also alter the health of individual weapon references placed in the world by following the steps below:
    -Place the weapon where you want it
    -Double click to bring up the reference menu -Click on the ‘Extra’ tab -Adjust the Health %

    This will let you place a gun in the world that starts with only a percentage of its max condition

  3. ok i love FO3 an i own it for the PS3. ITS great but y cant u guess give us the addons. i mean if ur not gonna at leats just charge more cause u will get more money.

  4. i just downloaded the G.E.C.K. and loaded up and wanted to make a weapon using your tutorial as a guide. but when i hit the filter for the combat shotgun, no weapons showed up in the window… in fact alot of the windows are blank and nothing is in them. i was just wondering what i was doing wrong

  5. Rob- Did you load up the Fallout files by clicking on the little folder in the upper left-hand corner then selecting Fallout.esm?

  6. If i have a custom mesh and I would like to replace default assault rifle mesh with my custom one, how would I do that?

  7. I’ve been looking all over the internet, but I can’t find any way to add my weapons to the game, his tutorial just shows how to make them. I need help with adding weapons to the game, and getting the to show up in the “Data Files”. PLEASE HELP!

  8. So Phil, will you ever be showing us how to literally customize a weapon, armor, creature, etc.? I mean customizing their looks.

  9. I like to use the GECK to create my own custom weapons but I was wondering how you access features from the expansion packs, for example the Gauss Rifle, in the Geck? Only the original items show up and I would really like to know how to access them.

  10. First off, thanks for the GECK and Fallout3!!! My introduction to modding games and it is the best thing with computers I explored this year. Intro to programming and PERL is the second. My first mod was the Hunting Rifle in .308, 4 rnd. Mag, and burntDirt texture. 100 hrs later I make awesome personal shelters. amy lattest is a boat/safehouse off the main dock in Point Lookout. Pic’s on FalloutNexus under my name on this post. Just wanted to say you guys are the best gaming software company around! One question, where can I port over something like a mutated shark for a Sea quest I want too make? Is there anything like that around??? If not, you guys still ROCK!!!!