Planet Fallout Modding Update


Today we’re checking in on some of the latest modding news at Planet Fallout.

We’ll begin with the third installation of their State of Modding series. This time around, Blinzler goes head-to-head with BGS forum member Qzilla. Here’s a snippet of the interview:

Any advice to people new to modding (Fallout 3)?
Everyone says this to new modders but it’s 100% true: start small! If your first foray into modding is making a WIP thread for a TC for Oblivion/Fallout 3 and you haven’t even started on it yet… you’re starting down a long long tunnel with no end in sight. The best way to start modding, from my perspective, is to find someone else’s *small* mod, and try to customize it more to your liking, emphasis again on *small*. Mods can get very complex very fast, so the best way to gain understanding is to start with something small and simple, and then once you’ve got the basics down you can start trying to mix things together to do more complicated things. No matter how much you may want to remake the entire Deus Ex game with the Fallout 3 engine — or whatever wild-eyed dream you’ve cooked up — it’s not gonna happen.

For more State of Modding interview, click here.

There’s plenty of other mods to check out on the site as well. Here’s the current Top 5 mods:

  • Fellout: The Fallout 3 Weather Overhaul by Hat Monster (shown above): If the Capital Wasteland is looking a little too dreary for your tastes, this mod will bring a little sunshine into your game.
  • The Enclave Commander Mod by J3X: Mentioned on Bethesda Blog for the umpteenth time, this one’s got as much staying power on the charts as Michael Jackson’s Thriller.
  • Rideable Creatures by illyism: Feet tired? illyism’s got a new mod that will let you ride a Brahmin, Yao Guai, Ant Soldier, Centaur, or an Ant Queen. From the look of the screenshots, it appears the Chimera Tank is now driveable too (requires Operation: Anchorage DLC).
  • Personal Terminal by ITJunky: Is your place in Megaton or Tenpenny Tower missing something? A computer maybe? With this mod, you can have your very own PC in your in-game home. No word if you can get Rick Roll’d on it.
  • Outcast Tech And Armor Faction Overhaul by sergwolf: The main purpose of this mod is to realistically change the Outcast faction (and Brotherhood of Steel) to scavenge for new technology, armor, and weapons (requires Operation: Anchorage DLC).

That’s all for now, but we’ll definitely check in on Planet Fallout now and then. More from Planet Fallout after the break.

Reader Comments

  1. I’m on the fence with mods like Fellout, heh. I find it funny that before Fallout was released, everyone was crying doom and gloom saying it was “Oblivion with guns!”, and some people found it not quite Oblivion with Guns enough. 😛

    I prefer the look of Vanilla Fallout 3, to be honest. The green radiated look fits in better with the older games.

    I’ve been using a few different mods, I’m pretty sure you guys mentioned the Weapon Mod Kits mod (the one that lets you attach scopes and different items to weapons – fantastic.) In addition, I’ve been using a couple different perk packs, the Classic Fallout Weapon Mod pack, Martigen’s Mutant Mod’s Increased Spawns, the Slower Leveling Mod (so I can see more of the game without hitting the level cap :P), HD Texture packs, and my favorite, subtle mods: GNR Extended (adds something like 100 public domain songs to the playlist of GNR radio), RadioKBAT (serial crime drama radio station), RadioBlues (blues radio – fits in so well with fallout 3), and Talk Thing With Cruk (Mutant talk radio, lol)

  2. Good advice on starting small and building up. Anyother thing, you shouldnt post a WIP thread until you get some progress, unless you like being ignore or laughed at. Find a subject you want to learn and stick with it. Like scripting, make a long but simple script, like modelling, make a few adjustments to game meshes. Building a house is a good start to learning the CS (ooopps i mean GECK), but you dont have to start there.

  3. I played Oblivion on the PS3 and have Fallout for the PC. Loading times aside, I much prefer the PC because of the Mods. I would have been pretty much done with the game after a month if it werent for all the user made content. Sure, some of it is a little rough, but its fun to play around with it and experiment. Actually, finding this blog has been really useful since there are so many mods at this point its tough to know which ones to look at.

  4. gstaff: Just for the record, the Nightvision Goggles mod you’re talking about there (and linked to – as part of the Bethblog entry on my Weapon Mod Kits mod) is actually my mod – not Qzilla’s. Qzilla does have his own Nightvision mod though – hence the confusion, I guess. 🙂

    – Antistar

  5. I’d like to suggest something for the possible ‘Fallout 4′. Maybe there could be weather effects. Dust storms, thunderstorms, even the possible blizzards. That would be an awfully awesome effect to spruce up the good ol’ Wasteland.