In Print: New details on The Pitt


Fallout 3’s second DLC, The Pitt, will be arriving next month on Games for Windows LIVE and Xbox LIVE, but if you want a sneak peek at the content, there’s a couple magazines out there with new information on the game.

The most recent issue of Game Informer (now hitting subscribers) and the UK edition of OXM (now on newsstands) feature new details and screenshots.

Elsewhere, in the upcoming issue of OXM (April), there’s a feature on “The State of DLC Today,” which will feature an interview with Todd Howard, their Operation: Anchorage Review, and a screen from The Pitt.

As more information comes out on The Pitt, we’ll keep you updated.

Reader Comments

  1. Will the pit have more new weapons other than the axe or is that it? and will there be new power armor or other armors?

  2. I must say that I don’t like this habit developers seem to have of releasing information in magazines first. Why not just put all the information and screens in this blog post? If you’re happy to release the information, then why should people have to pay to find it out when it’s released? And the screens are only going to find their way on to the net soon enough and cause another fuss about copyright infringements etc. It stinks of corporate camaraderie, and I don’t think it gives much credit to your fans expecting them to pay the price of a magazine (to a company that isn’t even yourselves, who I would happily endorse and support) just to see what an upcoming DLC will look like. The people who want to see these screens before they come out on the net are the ones who care most about your game and it’s expansions, only to be exploited and drawn into buying a magazine.

    Fallout 3 is a truly inspirational game, and I hold Bethesda in the highest regard in so many ways, in comparison to other developers. But seriously guys, low blow.

  3. Xbox live said this download was gonna be released this month (feb) but today I read on a site that it’s delayed untill march I hope they are wrong I have been trying to save my last points to download it since the last dlc was released