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  1. cant wait for the next one as long as bethesda keeps making good games like fallout 3 hope they can make one they game of the century.

  2. please make a new update soon to fix freezing bugs
    i had several bugs which make me freeze all the time in river city and purity project

    PS3 NTSC fallout 3

  3. I can’t say I voted in this poll, much as I wish I had, but I will say I’m more than pleased with the result. Fallout 3 deserves this award hands down, it’s a truly inspirational piece of game making, in terms of immersion, depth, beautiful stylistic choices, but ultimately it’s just amazingly fun and enjoyable (isn’t this what all these other factors eventually amount to after all?).

    Props to all who worked on Fallout 3, this award is more than deserved, and I’m glad you guys are getting the recognition you deserve for a job truly well done. It’s easy to put Bethesda forward as one of the modern game development giants, and possibly even call for more focus on the smaller developers doing amazing things on a smaller budget and scale. But, in the end, games are meant to be enjoyable, and whist you can argue that Bethesda have a better footing on which to achieve this (funding, recognition and corporate weight etc), you guys ultimately make great games because you care about making great games, all the other factors are just aids to your core ethic. This is also deserving of recognition in my eyes, a desire to do something incredible and immensely enjoyable with every game you make.

    Serious props to the Fallout 3 team for this hard earned award, it’s no less than you deserve in a small way. But also props to Bethesda at large for doing what you do so well, and putting your hearts in to it 110%. Keep doing what you’re doing and I will gladly continue to buy your games and revel in the glory contained therein, as well as holding the respect you truly deserve for doing that all so well.

    Congrats guys, and thanks for the good times.