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  1. first and foremost..big big fan, however im a little disheartened at the avoidance again for released gameplay for ps3. i was grateful for the Shivering Isle expansion but still no extra content to sony’s platform. and now it seems to be happening again with your newest packs for Fallout3. any insight to this tragic news would be welcome… TY for your time

  2. After reading Jeremy’s post..I most say I do sympathize with him and all the other PS3 fans, even though I have a 360. I understand the PS3 is harder to program for…but it does seem unfair to the PS3 owners to just cut them out like this. What makes it a bit worse is that no one’s bothered to come forward with an explanation or an apology. I think the PS3 owners should at least get to read or better yet…hear a statement regarding the reason behind the absence of DLC or even a release date, assuming there will be one. And this problem is not just with Bethesda’s games, other developers have done this.