Around the Web: D.I.C.E. wrap-up edition

The 2009 D.I.C.E Summit wrapped up on Friday and there’s a few more interviews and Pitt previews that you might want to check out.

We start at Gamespot, where Richardo Torres interviewed Pete to find out more details on The Pitt (slated for release next month on Xbox LIVE and Games for Windows LIVE). To check it out, just hit play on the video above.

Over at G4, you can get more information on the Pitt with hands-on impressions from Brian Leahy. Here’s a quick look (caution: some details could be considered spoilerific)…

“Disguising myself as a slave and giving up all of my items, I travelled into the heart of the slave community. The slaves are put to work in steel mills making materials that have made The Pitt the industrial envy of the wasteland. To fit into my new role as a slave, I’ve been put to work collecting steel ingots in a scrapyard. In doing so, I meet the Trogs, a new type of enemy for Fallout 3. At the core, they are ghouls, but different. Apparently, most of the slaves end up as Trogs. I’m guessing it’s just how the mutations from radiation manifest themselves in The Pitt. They are hunched over more than the ghouls you’re used to, but are just as easily dispatched. Collecting all the ingots nets a perk that increases the melee damage which is perfect for the new Auto-Axe weapon.”

Wrapping up this weekend update, GameSpy did a series of interviews with developers at D.I.C.E — including sit downs with Todd and Emil.

Reader Comments

  1. Bethesda, you may have forgot about the other platform you released fallout 3 on… y’know, Playstation 3?

    It would be nice if you included on the game box “This game will not be expanded with extra DLC since it’s on PS3 but since we signed a deal with Microsoft we will produce DLC for their OS/Consoles only”.

    Really dissapointed since I enjoyed Fallout 3 so much but the loyal fans of this game that happen to own a PS3 have been cut off from getting any extras it would seem.

    I feel like I payed for a product that was great till level 20 and that was it…

    Xbox/PC owners now have up to level 40…

    Thanks Bethesda,

    Let me know when you want to include the other Fallout 3 fans who bought your game and recieve nothing extra.

  2. I do hope it comes out next week….It’s all I’ve been looking forward too….I will love you guys forever more if you release it next week, have I mentioned I wish you would release The Pitt next week? cause that would just be awesome, just sayin’