Fallout 3 Update v 1.4


This morning a new update (v 1.4) was made available on Games for Windows LIVE and Xbox LIVE. This update is specific to The Pitt only — which deploys later this month.

The update is available here for PC users here on the Fallout 3 Official Site. Here’s what v. 1.4 covers:

  • New achievements for The Pitt
  • Support for multiple downloadable content

When we’ve got more details to share on The Pitt, we’ll let you know.

Reader Comments

  1. Get a grip people… bethesda has done a GREAT job on this game and brought the franchise back from the dead… let us not mention the console BoS fiasco.. So instead of whining about your PS3 woes enjoy what you have! Think you could have done better??? And for the people calling Bethesda money grubbers…. where are they going to get funds for their NEXT project? Its nice to actually use your mind for once.

  2. PS3 owners (I’m one too.)
    Sorry – If you’d like to play the DLC, buy a 360, its not Bethesda’s fault. PS3 Development, Publisher Support, Content Distribution, and costs associated with providing for PS3 make it significantly challenging for the developer to distribute on PSN. End of story.

    Write $ony if you have an issue. Better yet, let them know if they want to get the devs to support them they either need to change the above, or pay the devs directly to develop the content (or at least make up the difference between XBL model and PSN model) Bottom line is money, devs can’t put food on the table if they don’t get paid — no matter how badly the Fans want the content.

    Complain to someone who can do something about it.

    Great game by the way, keep it comin….

  3. Just want to say that I’ll support Bethesda not releasing PS3 expansions so long as it keeps making these nerds angry. This stuff is too funny.

  4. ok so i know im posting on the wrong blog but still this needs to be heard
    I among others who have downloaded the pitt are still experiencing freezing in certain areas of the game…
    for me, as soon as ive been giving the objective to get a slave outfit i head along the cliffs get tot the edge of it and BOOM i freeze i have tried everything, ive downloaded it 5 times, used different saves, made a new game, used alternative routes and it still dosent work! PLEASE BETHSDA FIX THIS PROBLEM I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER TO PLAY THE PITT!!!!!!