Three years ago, Oblivion went Gold


Today is Oblivion’s anniversary gold date on PC and Xbox 360. What does going gold mean? When a game is ready to finally go to the replicators and get printed onto millions of disks — that is when the game has gone gold. That is, we have gold master disks ready to send off to replication. For consoles like Xbox 360 and PS3, going gold means we’ve passed certification and Microsoft/Sony has sent the gold master disk to the replicators.

Fun fact: the number of people playing Oblivion has gone up since this past December. While I can’t give the actual numbers, the number of folks playing Oblivion while logged onto Xbox Live has increased back to late 2006 levels (roughly 8 months after Oblivion shipped). There are lots of reasons why this may be – 360 user base is larger now, Fallout 3 fans going back to Oblivion or trying out Oblivion, Oblivion is cheaper/on sale, etc…

Anyhoo, thanks to everyone who bought Oblivion and keep playing it to date. Check out the downloadable content or the expansion pack, Shivering Isles, if you are one of the folks still playing it. Be sure to try my personal favorite, Wizard’s Tower.

Reader Comments

  1. We love you guys, and it’s the kind of love that burns forever.Oblivion is allways on my installed games,over 1400 gameplay hours to this day, and going strong!Needless to say,I have completely lost count of how many mods and adventures I had tried out to this day!eek!

  2. I actually never got that far in Oblivion. Then I played Fallout 3 (I still haven’t finished it yet… I’ve slowed down my playing to wait for the expansion that will allow past level 20, which I reached in less than 100 hours of gameplay). Now I’ve gone back and started playing Oblivion again, and I’m loving it!

  3. If Oblivion is enjoying a resurgence in popularity what the chances of standalone European PS3 release of Shivering Isles for those of who bought the game on release? Even now with the GOTY Edition on the PS3 platinum list the expansion pack is still above the price it was originally sold at on other platforms/regions two years ago.

  4. Happy third anniversary! Sometimes I just get the craving to play Morrowind or Oblivion again.

    Can’t wait for the next Elder Scrolls. 🙂

  5. I’ve been playing my 15th game of Oblivion while waiting for the next DLC for Fallout 3 to come out, and I have a second game started on Fallout 3 already so I can go back to Anchorage again and try for the 10 Intel again (since I only got 8 of them).

    You all are AWESOME game developers, and I have been hooked on Bethesda since I first bought Oblivion. I’ve since bought the GOTY for Morrowind, but (the XBox version) doesn’t play right on my 360 – if you ever release a 360 version I am there with my credit card in hand. Till then I guess I will go get the PC version so I can play it properly.

    Bethesda Soft ROCKS !!

  6. I blew the dust off Oblivion last week, due to me playing games that didn’t have enough color in them. I was bored of, as Yahtzee puts it, “next gen graphics”. I got built a PC last year that can actually handle Oblivion at max and with Qarl’s textures, at 4xAA HDR smoothly.

  7. I asked my nephew a few months ago what he wanted for Christmas.
    I was happy to oblige.
    Reminds me – I need to load it up and play it a bit more on the console to get some of those tasty achievement points. Shame Shivering Isles is still so freaking expensive – but then again, I’ve got it and all the mods on the PC version. 🙂

  8. Now that the game has been out for a while are there any plans to release the Plug-ins such as Fighter’s Stronghold or Wizard’s Tower and others for download for Playstation 3 owners? If not, why not? Thanks.

  9. I had it on PC, couldn’t find in my basement so I got it on PS3 for like 8 bucks. Played it for a little bit, might go back again some other time. But I’ve beaten that game numerous times and seen pretty much everything there is to see. I’m not surprised that the numbers went up…it’s a great game and playing Fallout 3 kinda makes you wanna play it.

  10. Phew… I was just a kid when I first bought Morrowind. I was playing games like AgeofEmpires2 and RedAlert back then. Morrowind went straight to my heart. Same happened to Oblivion. I love Fallout3 to, but not that much.
    I can’t wait for the next TES GAME!

  11. Remember first buying Morrowind… ah, the best game I’ve ever played! And then I bought Oblivion as soon as it got out. It was just amazing! I still love them, and play them whenever a new mod I like is released. (Have done and seen everything in the vanilla so 😀 )

    Can’t wait for TES V! 😀

  12. It would be great and a crazy idea if Bethseda would release one more expansion for Oblivion before TES V is released. The numbers show that there is a strong fan base. I like Fallout 3 but Oblivion is still the game.

  13. TES V, when??? I’m kinda fed up with Fallout 3.
    Bethesda should just stick to TES games. Why go and make a wasteland game for? Stick to the dark ages era.

    I would buy another expansion of Oblivion/360 in a heartbeat. Morrowind got me hooked. Spent many hours just leveling up, also get rid of the idiotic level cap.

  14. Oh man… As a RPG lover Oblivion made my life better! The history is so dense and beautiful that you can’t resist into play it in all the ways possible. I’ve already finished the game (and it expansions) but I just can’t remove it from mey PC! And I reallu need some extra space in my HD, but… I don’t know… I simply can’t erase it! Lol… Guys thank you for making an Oblivion addict! Lol… Take care

    Viviane Werneck (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

  15. I love all Bethesda games especially The Elder Scrolls and Fallout from the first all the way to the last part. But the complexity and story of Morrowind and Oblivion , with great design and functionality, makes them unique and totally worth the time spent on them and time is the most precious thing in the world…

  16. I love being in Morrowind, going around doing things the way I like to do them. Meet the people there, still there and being there hour after hour…
    Please make the FollowUp as beautiful as games can be.
    Love you all, who love Morrowind by the Grace of my Mistress.

  17. oblivion will never die.

    just look at arena 14 years later and still played.

    and with the CS it allows games like oblivon to be given a personal flare. yet still giving credit to the original designers.

    though the tech advances the concept and skill behind puting a game together makes it legendish.

    never to be forgoten
    never to be put down
    never left to rest in pieces

  18. the first of your games to utterly ruin me for other RPG’s was Morrowind. (and for which i will ever be greatful) I wish that damn thing (GOTY) played on the Xbox 360. (that’s the only reason i even still have my old Xbox- because Morrowind GOTY is the one to have.) Id recieved Morrowind (goty) 4 years ago, this Sept, before the 360 or Oblivion came out as a birthday present from my g/f.

    It took a year (or so) to pry it out of my girlfriend’s fingers. (LOL) which became much easier when Oblivion came out- she got a 360 and played that, and i was *finally* able to play Morrowind. Played it for 2 years before i ever got around to the main quest, much less Tribunal and Bloodmoon.

    So, long story short- we both picked up 360’s, and Oblivion. Even though its 09 and she’s my ex now- i called her up the other day and told her that she *had* to pick up Fallout 3….. at least rent it for the weekend and play it- give it a shot…. (why?) Because Bethesda made it and it it *hot*!!!!! ha ha.

    Soon as i finish Oblivion and Fallout 3, im going back to another game of Morrowind, then im going to cycle thru Fallout 3 and Oblivion again….. mabye by the time im done with that they’ll have a new volume of The Elder Scrolls (five i believe) to unveil!!

  19. Honestly I still find myself playing Morrowind as well as Oblivion every once in a while. It’s a shame Oblivion on PC doesn’t have Xbox LIVE though, I found that once I got Fallout 3, the Xbox LIVE compatibility, via Games For Windows – LIVE, made me want to do more in the game to get the achievements. I don’t own an Xbox 360 console, nor can I afford one at this point, and I use a 4 year old computer I struggled to get the money together to upgrade, but I still prefer PC gaming over game consoles. Not only that, but the amount of Mods made for Oblivion is just unreal, and adds to the game that much more, something you can’t get if playing it on the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3.

    Thanks Bethesda for some of the greatest RPG games I’ve ever played.

  20. I love what you do… I bought Morrowind (GOTHY), goodness, two years ago. The best game ever. And I have been playing since Kings Quest came out for the Z80 based machines!! I had to buy Oblivion after it came out – I’m usually 2 years behind on the hardware – and I patiently waited.-as I will for Fallout 3.

  21. “Check out the downloadable content or the expansion pack, Shivering Isles, if you are one of the folks still playing it. Be sure to try my personal favorite, Wizard’s Tower.”

    Yeah, great idea…I’ll play it as soon as its released on PS3. So why arent Bethesda doing this?

  22. Morrowind and Oblivion are the greatest games ever… I love them!I’m waiting for the next elder scrolls,but please do not make a s**t MMO.Just keep it single!!!:)

  23. Oblivion was a ground-breaking game for me, no other game has captured me like it did over 2 years ago on my 360. A true piece of art!

    Elder Scrolls V is a first day buy for me, as for many others!!!

  24. Bought Oblivion on release, still playing it today. I have it for 360 and PC. Had it for PS3 too. It is the greatest game of all time. Please make merchandise for sale in Britain, though. We’re great supporters too.
    DB for TES V? (and a saved Lucien Lachance?)

  25. I got the GOTY version of the game for the PS3 and it was pretty good. However it would be better if there where some pug ins and the vampier cure glich that made it impossible to complete on the PS3 edtion with The Shivering Isles installed was removed. But even with that it is still a great game.

  26. Oblivion is one of the best games ever made! I really love games like oblivion. but oblivion beats them all. when i play the game I love to go to the highest point and watch the sight. This game is timeless.
    (sorry for mistakes, english is not my native language.)

  27. I love playing Oblivion. It was my first TES game. However I sometimes wish I could get past that invisible wall… I want to see what else there is in the world. The SI expansion was great… I wish you guys would do just one more expansion. One for players who have reached the very top with their characters… fight and plan, plot and scheme to become the new Emporer! Only someone in control of all the guilds and the Blades could succeed.

  28. I started playing TES Games when I was six and I still play them. Although I am young I have good experence with rpg games,like these. My first game was Morriwind but I started playing others after. All I can say is keep making great TES games and expansipons. “May the nine be eith you.”

  29. I was just playing Oblivion last night (on my PC). I LOVE the game. I love Fallout too, but I think I do prefer Oblivion just for the general atmosphere. I still greatly enjoy the game on a regular basis, thanks so much for such an incredible game.

  30. Started my RPG playing with Diablo ll LOD, THEN heard about Oblivion, the family quickly learned to get their own dinner, have played 20 hrs straight on numerous times. I just finished playing The Witcher EE and yes I really enjoy it but I kept missing Oblivion, better graphics and much better open-ended play and all the awesome mods that you can get for the PC.

    Dennis has a good Idea for an Expansion.

    Another idea – two months or so after Martin’s sacrifice You are approached by the Chancellor Ocato or Jauffre to find the child of one the Emperor’sons. This child is the result of a diplomatic mission to Skyrim/Morrowind/Akivira/etc. A letter was found hidden in his bedroom from the child’s Mom – “that it was time for him to acknowledge his heir” The date has gotten smudged and and is unreadable plus it also says that they were on they’re way to see him.

  31. Oblivion is the only game that pulls me in like it does. I still play it everyday and I have no idea how many hours I have put into it. I bought all the DLC and I STILL WANT MORE!!!! HAHAHAHA

    I cant wait to see the first glimpse of the next Elder Scrolls, I might just vomit in excitment-j/k

  32. Great.
    I still play Morrowind+Bloodmoon+Tribunal on my PIII and will keep on playing it on a new Ubuntu machine (using Wine, Bochs or Qemu (no VMware)).
    My PC is too slow for Oblivion.
    I do not have a console and will never buy an X-box. PS3 is still too expensive, but as soon as Oblivion comes out for Nintendo WII (or successor), I will consider buying both Oblivion And Nintendo WII console (or successor).


    Fallout 3 was good, but lacks the replayable appeal, i just keep coming back to it over and over and over again!!!!!!!!!!!


    I just want the long beard and pointy hat mod, can anyone help